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Feb 21, 2007 09:50 AM

Chodorow - Justified for todays Ad?

I have never been to his new Kobe joint, but taking out a full page to combat a poor review seems a bit childish. I am glad the nytimes took his money for the stunt, but it decreases the likelihood of myself or any of my friends from eating there.

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  1. Kobe strikes me as critic-proof, and a reservation search at Open Table shows they are fullish during prime dining hours. So I'm not sure what Chodorow wanted -- or needed -- to accomplish with the ad. I checked out his blog, which doesn't score very high on the readability scale. But I would be interested in seeing his revenge reviews.

    1. Fascinating to me that the other foodie chat sites are going on endlessly about this and there is nary a breath of discussion here...

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        Why would that be fascinating? People think about Chowhound as a place to find out what food to eat at restaurants and not gossip about the owners of those restaurants. It is the thing that makes it stand out from the pack for that reason. There's a zillion places on the web to do that. Despite all, it is the NY Times of food forums ... all the food talk that's fit to eat ... not the National Enquirer, so to speak. Seeing a lot of that sort of stuff here would make me nervous.

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          hi can you tell me some sites where the chatters are chatting? i need to do some research, on exactly this issue. thanks!

        2. I'm with you... EVERYONE is talking about this...

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            where? what sites? i need to find out, tx!

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     has a link to ten of them.

          2. Although he may have a point (it could be argued that critics have too much power), he came off as whiny. It would have been much more classy to say nothing and succeed in spite of the negative review.

            1. I agree that the NY Times full page ad may backfire ultimately but I agree that the critics need to check themselves. Specifically, Frank Bruni is fairly harsh but additionally unless the restaurant is listed in the $25 or less section, I do not even consider it. Many of the restaurants especially those like Kobe are way off the scale on affordability. It seems that if the owner can drop $30k on a full page NYTimes ad, he should be able to pay his workers better.