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hip place to take the boss in hollywood

We're looking for a high end, hip, celebrity likely dinner spot for 4 in hollywood on a friday night that we can get into at 8:30. I know, i'm laughing too. But the boss is in town from New York and we've got to impress.
Any suggestions? price isn't a concern.


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  1. If the boss is a meat eater, Cut is probably a good bet. Why would you need to impress a New Yorker with celebs, why not impress with some cuisine unique to L.A. Another idea is Urasawa, the prices and the food artistry there ought to impress a jaded New Yorker, and be good for padding the expense account.

    1. Cut, Spago, Mastro's, Grill on the Alley, Ivy. Good luck with the 8:30 start time.

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        Agree with all of these. With recent reports on Cut, it looks like an 8:30pm res is near impossible.

      2. Actually if he's from NYC, he might like Mozza.

        1. Mozza, Cut, Spago, Koi, E. Baldi are all restaurants that i've had to book dinners at recently in a similar situation. I hope you have a good concierge service as most of these reservations could be hard to come by.

          1. Social.

            The setting and decor, as well as the celebrity quotient will surey impress. Food can be very uneven, even bordering on barely passable. But can't really beat the scene.

            Say what you want about Chodorow, but the man can do interior design when provided the right setting.


            1. I would add Orso to that list. My Ex Boss and all his hollywood friends used to go there all the time. I took my parents there when they came to visit and we sat near an entire table of West Wing Cast members and a few Will and Grace folk all in one night. Besides, it's good italian.

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                Historical note: Orso used to be Joe Allen.

              2. Ah..Joe Allen..I made myself sick on Grasshoppers there once on my first "legal" drinking adventure. I loved that place.

                1. KATANA

                  SOCIAL HOLLYWOOD



                  (these are limited to the Hollywood/WeHo area, of course. if you wish to expand your horizon to beverly hills, you've got CUT, Spago, The Ivy, Mastro's, all guaranteed for celeb-spotting).

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                      Lucques is too sedate. Fabulous food, however.

                    2. I agree with Katana and Social...with Katana you get to overlook the strip via the patio, and you get some of the beautiful people and probably some celeb sightings also. Social you'll definitely get some celeb sightings.

                      Koi and Republic on La Cienega also.

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                        I third Katana. Last time I went there with out of town guests we saw Alicia Keys and Matthew McConaughey. Celebrity sighting mission accomplished. And I don't mind the food there at all.

                      2. Katana can be kind of a heinous scene, but it's a big hit with the expense account crowd.

                        1. It doesn't get any hipper than Geisha House. Not saying the food is all that, it's not. But it is a really unique spot visually, viscerally with great drinks and that you can be sure will provide some wow/hollywood factor to their visit. Scroll through their photo gallery in their website linked below to get an idea of what it's all about.