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Feb 21, 2007 09:45 AM

bday dinner -sushi -pref westside

Hi hounds,
I'm taking my friend out for sushi for her bday tonight. She wanted Katsu-ya, but we didn't want to drive out too far. we're in santa monica. I'm treating her so I want to go somewhere's kiriko? hamasaku? sushi sushi on bevery dr?
any other recs?

thanks so much!

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  1. kiriko is pretty darn good. i dunno what you feel is midpriced but the omakase at kiriko runs anywhere from $75-100+pp.

    i have not yet been, but my friends (and a lot of CH'ers) rave about sushi zo in palms. the omakase is @ the same price as kiriko.

    1. sushi sushi is okay... really packed though.
      yabu serves up some great sushi as well as udon and other interesting things. it's a really cool little spot, and you'll get out of there for about $50.
      if you want to go a little cheaper, you can try aki on santa monica blvd. they have good dinner specials, and they're sushi ain't that bad at all.
      but if you want the ULTIMATE in a sushi experience, brave the drive and go to acashi in burbank. they have a $25 all you can eat sushi bar (as in, the chef does it to order), and if you start buying him beers, he'll start buying you beers, and comping toro. that's my best reccomendation.

      1. Hamasaku rocks, but bring your checkbook. Also like Yabu, smaller, kind of a joint (not that there's anything wrong with that), quality fish, great noodles (homemade soba) but it'll cost more than $50 in my experience.

        1. Kiriko was very good for lunch and I'm sure it's even better for dinner. In fact I may opt for Kiriko for my birthday dinner. It's a cute and warm little spot with creative food and homemade ice cream. A favorite around here.

          I'm also considering trying Mako in Beverly Hills for my bday dinner. It seems to be pretty well-received.

          Hamasaku is also good, the decor is nice and about the same price, but I think Kiriko is a little more special.

          Never been to Sushi Sushi.

          Sushi Zo is one of my favorites but it is for a sushi purist -- they serve sushi and only sushi, a few rolls, no cooked food. It's a clean but somewhat sterile room, not much atmosphere other than the rapport between Keizo-san and his fans. It's more about food there. Pricewise it's along the same lines as Kiriko but I'd stick to a la carte if you go Zo -- the omakase may cost you anywhere from $50 to $80 each, up to $100 or more after all is said and done. Sasabune is similar to Sushi Zo in being pure sushi at about the same price point.

          If you think all of these are too expensive I would recommend Uzen on Santa Monica, near Bundy. It's not the same calibre as Kiriko, but still has very good food, an interesting variety of cooked food and is very reasonably priced. I think it would be hard to spend more than $50 per person without drinking a lot. I usually spend more like $30-$40 for a pretty complete meal. It's not hip but just a solid place for sushi/cooked food.

          Noma on Wilshire is also good and in that price range. Noma is better for a date, Uzen is better for food. Sushi King is sort of in that price range too.

          A price step even below that would be Hide on Sawtelle (across from Kiriko.) No frills sushi. Many think it's gone downhill, I still think it's pretty reliable.

          I like Hana but haven't been there in a while and it doesn't fare too well on these boards. Don't even think about Hakata or Hama. Sushi Roku is overpriced.

          I used to like Yabu but they can be uneven. For that price Kiriko seems to be more consistent.

          If you wanted to try something different you could go for izakaya at Musha on Wilshire bw 4th and 5th. It's Japanese pub food, like japanese tapas. Not a sushi bar, though they have good sashimi. It's really fun, good food and reasonably priced.