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Best burritos in LA/SFValley?

Anyone know any great Mexican hole-in-the-walls in this area with really good burritos? Melodies on Reseda and Vanowen is pretty good.

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  1. El Indio Azteca on Tampa Avenue in Northridge

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      el indio azteca- try there pollo its good

    2. This is the address. It is a hole-in-the-wall, and the clientele mainly speak Spanish. Decent and authentic.

      El Indio Azteca (818) 885-9686 19247 Roscoe Blvd, Northridge, CA
      (Tampa and Roscoe)

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        There used to be several around the valley - are they all still around?

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          Don't know. I've only been to that one on Tampa and Roscoe in Northridge. It doesn't look like a chain at all, though. The name does seem to be common. A web search proves that.

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            I know that there is/was one on Roscoe and Balboa (north side of the street, just west of Balboa) that an ex-boyfriend survived on.

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              Neat. I will look for that one and check it out, sometime. :)

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          Coincidentally, I went there for the first time on Tuesday and ordered a carnitas, bean, cheese and guac burrito. Quite nice. It was very squishy; not a solid tube you could wield to fend off a hungry attacker. Very loose refried beans (I like that), avocado, monterrey Jack-like cheese and large chunks of tender carnitas (not crispy). Very tender tortilla...not crisped on a griddle. Reminded me of the burritos I had in San Diego...dunno if this is a regional style or just an empty train of thought going nowhere. No salsa, but I enjoyed it without.

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            Great. I haven't been in a while, but it's always good when I do go. :) Yum.

        3. Well, the best BREAKFAST burritos are at Corner Cottage on Victory and Verdugo in Godless Burbank.

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              DU, is there *anything* in Burbank you like? :D

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                Yep... I *love* the freeway that leaves Burbank! :-P

                Seriously, I like the Corner Cottage... and I love Granville... and the nachos from Fuddrucker's are quite possibly the best drinking food in the area... not to mention Porto's and Guantanamera ("guajira guantanamera...")

            2. Melodies (and its even better cousin Las Fuentes, on Vanowen just east of Reseda (much larger menu)) is the best in my opinion. Every time I go, I get the Burrito de bistek encebollado (steak and grilled onions burrito). It is fantastic!

              1. My faves are Las Fuentes for carnitas and Dos Arbolitos for their carne asada.

                1. A guy I work with told me there is a great Mexican hole in the wall place that makes great burritos. I'm going to investigate, but he told me it's at the corner of Culver and Inglewood Avenue (in Culver City). Does anyone have an idea of the name of the place? He told me the name, but being hispanic he pronounced it the right way and it's past my spelling capabilities.

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                    I think you're talking about Tacomiendo.

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                      Could also be Taqueria Sanchez or Al Abajeno, too. Can't go wrong on that corner.

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                        Bingo! Thanks "will 47," but I'm pretty sure it's Al Abajeno is the name of the place he mentioned. He suggested I try (guessing) the Al Abajeno burrito. The funny thing is I've heard of Tacomiendo and Tacqueria Sanchez before. Al Abajeno was a new name to me. Thank you "yclops." He mentioned something about an archway.
                        Trouble is the plan was to go to this Saturday, but I'm thinking of going to Santa Barbara to hear a Chicago-based singer I like. It's rare for her to come out west, although I know she has family in Santa Barbara. The burrito joint will be there next weekend, but the singer won't.

                  2. Don Cuco's in Burbank & Simi Valley
                    Any Benito's location

                    1. The best wet burrito is at Que Ricos, on Victory at Coldwater Canyon in North Hollywood. Not everything on the menu is great, but the the wet burrito is excellent, and, if the right person is working the grill, orgasmic. Get it with carne asada and salsa verde. I can only vouch for the burrito at the NoHo location, however. The one on Vermont is not the same.

                        1. Rincon Taurino on Nordoff just east of Van Nuys.

                            1. Yucas on Hillhurst. It's a little shack across from the Albertsons and next to the liquor shop. Best carne asada and cochinita pibil in town. Simple, fresh and tasty.

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                                The best burritos I've ever had were at Burrito King. This used to be a chain of 8 or 10 stands, but the only one I know of now is the original, at the corner of Sunset and Alvarado in Silverlake. My particular favorites are the Chorizo and Egg (homemade chorizo) and the Machaca, which is lots of shredded beef, bell peppers and onions in a really delicious sauce, wrapped with their refried beans (which taste like they're fried in peanut oil. YUM!!) in a giant tortilla.