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Feb 21, 2007 09:42 AM

"South" restaurant in Raleigh's North Hills

Did anyone see Greg Cox's blurb today about South, the restaurant that took Savannah's place at North Hills? Although the restaurant group has an impressive track record the reported menu items left me feeling a bit, well, odd, almost as if Wolfgang Puck had decided to do his "interpretation" of a Down East meat & threes.

"First course options include fried green tomatoes and okra (why hasn't someone thought of that combination before?), pimento cheese beignets, deviled eggs and Virginia peanut soup. Entrees cover the spectrum from fried chicken to carpetbagger steak, with a varied assortment including shrimp and grits, Frogmore stew and country-fried steak with peppered gravy in between. Just be sure to save room for coconut cream pie or warm Cheerwine pound cake or (I think I hear Elvis stirring) peanut butter and banana Monte Cristo."

Has anyone been there, heard anything, or know anything more?

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  1. Someone read a menu to my husband, and we are looking forward to trying it. We enjoy one of the other restaurants run by this group (Vivace).

    1. We're talking about trying it for a Girls Night Out this Friday, so I'll be sure to report back here if we do. I saw the N&O piece and I thought the place sounded a little contrived - Cheerwine pound cake, for pete's sake? - but to your point, Donata, Vivace is great, so I'll try it before passing judgement.

      1. I agree that it sounds really contrived. But I too am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt - and try it - based on my satisfaction with their other restaurants. I'll be interested in hearing your report, Suzy.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Can either of you explain "contrived?" I'm not wishing to come across as obnoxious at all...I'm just curious. What's the distinction between creative and contrived?

            Personally, I'd order a Cheerwine poundcake...a lot sooner than a traditional ho-hum dessert like blackberry cheesecake, pecan pie or key lime pie.