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Feb 21, 2007 09:40 AM

Advice for Mini Pot Pies (In porcelain soup spoons)

I got some deep porcelain soup spoons from the Asian Discount Restaurant Supply- I plan to make mini pot-pies in them for a heavy-aps cocktail party. They can each easily fit a TBS of pot pie filling. What do you think about:

- Crust composition (ready made pie crusts? ready made bisquits? Homemade simple crust of flour, baking soda, butter, water?)
- Bottom crust- yes or no?
- Baking time? If I do just a top crust, I'll bake until brown. If I do a bottom crust "sealed" kind of mini pie, how should I alter the cooking time?

Anyone else have tips on making these come out nicely?

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  1. What a great idea! I would do no bottom crust. Also, do a pie crust rather than biscuit dough and maybe use a small cookie cutter to cut out little shapes to place over the filling. That way, you could maybe bake them separately and place them over the filling and the spoons could just be warmed rather than too hot to hold (from the oven).

    1. What about puff pastry, cover it or barely cover so that its easy to eat? Bottom crust maybe to hard to maneuver.

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        I agree on puff pastry. See if you can get the really good Dufour brand that is all butter. I would cut out tops and bake seperately and also have the filling hot in a pan and fill the spoons with the hot filling and top with the prepared top crust. I too am envisioning burned fingers if served straight from the oven and even served on a plate with a small fork people would be tempted to hold on to the handle of the spoon.

      2. I like the taste of a homemade crust the best, but a tiny little biscuit sitting on top would be really cute too! I'd say no to the bottom crust- I think it would be hard to get off the bottom and would probably end up sticking. I agree with sweet ginger- if you bake them, they will be hard to hold, although I am envisioning little potholders too- okay, I'm getting out of control! ;-) So, I guess in summary, this is what I think... warm the filling in a pot and fill spoons right before you eat and top with biscuits.

        1. Agree with the heat consideration. Pie crust cut with star-shaped cutter (or leaf), or a perfect little cheese biscuit on top--no bottom crust.

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            Oh.. Cheese biscuits! This is a nice idea. Maybe I will do a homemade dough top cut in a shape and sprinkled with a nice asiago or sharp Vermont cheddar. Since I am "catering" the party at a friend's house, this is also simple because I can pre-cut the tops and bake them off at the host house and bring the filling in a disposable container and not worry about transporting pies in spoons. Great ideas, folks!

            1. re: Chowsmurf

              Did you see the recipe on Chow for cheddar biscuits? They look really good. I just saw it and am going to give them a try.


          2. I vote for the puff pastry tops. As tempting as the cheese biscuits (any biscuit for that matter) are, puff pastry is easier, will hold better and is less cumbersome on top of that little spoon. Sounds like a killer app. Hope it is as good as it sounds!