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Feb 21, 2007 09:37 AM

Tres Pasos

Anyone eat here yet? Just opened next to a new bakery/deli in West Harlem. We loved the bakery, but didn't try the burritos next door.

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  1. The same person who reported on Vinegar Hill said that they liked Tres Pasos. I would say give it try and let us know what you think.

    1. I had some tacos from there yesterday. I tried it out b/c I live literally around the corner. They're ok, but in my opinion there's really no reason to go there when you can get better Mexican food (and a much wider selection) down the road at El Toro Partido.

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        1. I'd skip the tacos and hit the burritos here. I've only tried the latter, but they were well above average for NYC - good meat, good veggies w/ many options, and the sauces are actually good. Tacos are more about what comes straight off the grill, and Tres Pasos is assembling off a pre-prepared line, and so it's probably not their strongest suit. Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant next door w/ the same owners? It was packed on Friday.

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            Have tried tacos at Tres Pasos twice. Once right after they opened, then about a month later. Both times taco fillings were way too cold and only one tortilla was used, resulting in a soggy mess. Flavors of the meat fillings were good, especially the pork, but all together was completely inauthentic...who wants to bite into a taco full of warm meat and ice cold veggies?? Disconcerting and clearly not improving over time. Toro Partido gets my vote.

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              Vinegar Hill is one and Cafe Largo is the other. You are probably referring to Largo which just (re)opened. Great food there by the way.

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                Any place that has a "B" health inspection sign (EL Toro Partido) gets lower marks than a place with untrained counter workers (Tres Pasos) anyday!!! The last time I ate at El Toro, I did have a "Bad Food Experience", and Tres Pasos only gave me Slow Service, not bad food.. Just a thought

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