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Feb 21, 2007 09:37 AM

la times comes to san diego

holy schmoly! the la times has actually reviewed not one, but two restaurants in San Diego. Addison and Market got glowing reviews from the lead restaurant critic in todays paper. Sorry I am lousy at providing a link. I guess this gives us something when Angelinos come down to Americas Finest City and sniff and stick their noses up at our supposed lack of a restaurant scene and our general lack of good taste.

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    1. I love San Diego, I really do. I went to high school in North County and my folks still have their home in Oceanside. But don't expect one article to change a host of opinions, and honestly San Diegans shouldn't worry at all what Angelenos say. Enjoy your local chow and invite others with open arms.

      PS, I would venture to say that Jonathan Gold gets more love on the LA Board than Virbila.