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Feb 21, 2007 09:24 AM

[DFW] Best Choice in Lakeside Center in Plano

I'm having a little birthday get together with a wine 101 class for about 12 people at Corner Wines in Plano, which is in the Lakeside Market Center (Preston & Spring Creek). We are going to dinner afterwards and I would rather not have everyone take their separate cars and drive somewhere else, especially after a few glasses of wine. So I was wondering which of the Lakeside restaurants is my best choice as I haven't been to any of them, Mignon? Kathleen's Art Cafe? Japon? Cafe Italia? Anything I'm forgetting?

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  1. Kathleens food is very good, their service is reasonable. Mignon has excellent martinis and reasonably good food all be it somewhat more expense than Kathleens. Japon is bad Japanese and not great prices. Cafe Italia is funky Italian / Texas food, personally not impressed at all. Freds is a fund burger place with an interesting twist it's co-owned by Larry Levine who started Chili's. It's more upscle than Chili's but still a nice burger place.

    I would personally choose between Mignon & Kathleens.