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Feb 21, 2007 09:12 AM

Little Owl

Tried to make reservations for my bday. I did this one month in advance, but forgot to call until almost 2pm. By this time, they were already booked. I know that they have tables for 2 on a first come first serve basis. Has anyone tried this? How have the waits been? During the week? Not to mention...please give me your reviews on the food!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. how about a search for reviews??

    wait time:

    and if you're waiting:

    i read on eater that they have 3/10 tables for walk-ins, and they will "gladly take phone numbers" so you can have a drink somewhere else while waiting.

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      Thank cervisiam, but I was hoping for comments on the wait time that weren't almost 3 months old.

    2. Food is good not great ALTHOUGH the pork chops are great! and the slideers are like homemade. I'm jaded, my grandma's meat balls tasted just the same. Very cramped and limited menu for food and wine. A quaint place and very very nice employees. Just don't think it is as stellar as everyones makes it. I would go back but must be in the mood for west village quirky.

      1. Love the place, love the food. Wait times obviously depend on the day, but it is always crowded - during the week is much easier; I think the list fills up enough on Fridays and Saturdays that they sometimes cut it off. I put my name and cell number down a few weeks ago around 6:30 and got a call within an hour, but I don't know if that's normal. I would guess that average wait is between 1-1:30. If you're going to go, I suggest going early and during the week.

        1. I tried to eat there on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago. We could not get a reservation, so we tried to wait for a walk-in table. They told us that the only walk-in spots that they have are to eat at the bar, not at a table. Even then, I think that we arrived at around 8 and they said they would not have anything available until 10. It is a very small restaurant, so I think it is best to plan in advance and reserve a table. A month seems like a long time to wait for this restaurant, however. I hope that it is easier to get a reservation during the week as I'd still like to try it, but without that level of advance planning.

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            They definitely set aside 2 or 3 tables for walk-ins. The bar is also for walk-ins and maybe is easier to get a seat at, but I have walked in several times and always had a table.

          2. I ate at The Little Owl a couple of weeks ago with my SO without a reservation. It was a Thursday night. We arrived at about 7 pm and were told it would be about an hour. We gave the hostess our cell and went over to Mas for some drinks. About an hour later they called and told us our table was being cleared. We walked back and were seated promptly. Food was very good. Pork chop was fantastic. Service was great. Overall a wonderful Thursday night meal out although Im not sure if we just got lucky with the timing.