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Feb 21, 2007 08:33 AM

Looking for the best chinese in the west SFV?

Can anyone help me out with what they think the best chinese is in the west valley. The only option I seem to have right now is Yang Chow's in woodland hills.

Anywhere in between Northridge to Woodland hills or West hills would be great.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Here are a few decent places you could try:

    Szechuwan Garden (Roscoe & TCB): decent mapo doufu. They have two menus--a regular glossy one with standard dishes and a paper one with more unusual and authentic dishes/lunch specials. It's not great, but we're talking about the West Valley. Plus it may be closer than the others.

    A&W Seafood (Reseda btw Nordhoff & Plummer): tolerable dim sum served everyday. Some dim sum, they make to order. Pretty decent seafood dishes (I had a shrimp & tofu dish recently that was quite nice). Probably your safest bet for Chinese in the area. Search the board.

    Mandarin Deli (across from A&W): very good potstickers and pretty good noodle dishes. Search the board.

    There are also a number of Vietnamese-Chinese joints as well:
    A&W BBQ (Reseda & Sherman Way): haven't tried it, but looks promising.
    N&N (Sherman Way & DeSoto: grimy, low-end place, but some of their dishes are decent; I've tried only the Vietnamese dishes (cha gio, bo luc lac, bun cha), but they also have Chinese. I would recommend trying it first before inviting others.

    1. IMO, these are the only authentic and decent Chinese food in the Valley:
      A&W in Northridge
      Mandarin Deli
      Sam Woos

      Yang Chow's is awful!

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      1. Hot Work Cafe in Northridge, corner of Reseda and Nordhoff, next to Vons

        1. The Pagoda Inn is a family favorite. It's at Rinaldi and Tampa near Whole Foods market.

          1. Golden Hunan on Reseda and Devonshire in Northridge. Good quality food. :)