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Feb 21, 2007 08:33 AM

Champagne Vinegar in Bulk? (SF Bay Area)

I'm looking for large quantities of Champagne Vinegar in large quantities (gallon size, if possible). Any suggestions?

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  1. Sparrow Lane has it in bulk. I didn't look through their website but I know they do -- you may need to call to arrange:

    1. Le Village in Brisbane is having their public sale this Fri. and Sat. so you might want to check there. I poked around on their website and they have champagne vinegar in 750ml bottles for just over $6 which seems like an excellent deal!
      More info:

      Sparrow Lane's vinegar is good but pricey.

      1. Sysco sells a Champagne vinegar under its Sysco Supreme label. Here's a link to a description:

        They say that you have to contact them to see whether it's available in this area.

        And you can get Sparrowlane Champagne Vinegar in bulk from Greenleaf: