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Feb 21, 2007 07:59 AM

Pinkberry in the NY Times

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  1. Thanks for the post. I gotta ask for mochi the next time i go.

    1. Thanks for the post as well. I just discovered Pinkberry a couple days ago, and I agree with the article that ir really is quite delicious and I can see how it could be quite addictive. With all the apparent hype and controversy, I can't believe I went this long in LA without trying it.

      1. Interesting that you two have responded so positively. I guess I'm outnumbered because I just don't get the hype. Why do people love the Pukeberry so much? I'd love to hear....

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        1. re: hungrygirl106

          I like the taste. IMHO, it tastes better than the TCBY stuff. I'm not a crazy fanatic that eats it very regularly, just once in a while.

          The hype over this stuff though is very interesting to me as well as the imitators sprouting about everywhere. Yes, when will it end?! Hopefully, it won't go away though.

        2. I think there's something about going back to something simple. It actually tastes like yogurt. Good, plain, tangy yogurt. They have a pretty good assortment of fresh fruit. It's really quite tastey. I was really enjoying my first Pinkberry before I found out it was fat free. That sure helps explain the hype. I think in a town where "real food," like yogurt that tastes like yogurt, is in, but people are all still dieting, Pinkberry has found a really welcome market. As to the controversy over copycat stores, I can't speak to those as I haven't come across any yet.

          1. My wife and I went there last night after, quite possibly, the worst ever K-town meal ever (at Won Jo) and frankly, we don't get the hype. $7 for a tub with two toppings, and a line out the door. We're also not sure why we got the tub... we didn't know there was a smaller size until we sat down at a table. Maybe they don't serve twists in small portions? It would have been nice if they told us. Grrr.

            I'm happy for the success of the franchise owner and all, but this seems just a bit ridiculous to me. There's another sour frozen yogurt store on 32nd, south side, east of Fifth Ave. The name escapes me... changed facades at least once in the past year.

            Are there any other secret items besides mochi?

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            1. re: larrylee

              I like Pinkberry (my local branch is called Desertberry). I agree it's overpriced though. For the less than the price of a tub of "Desertberry" you can buy a container of Mochi from Trader Joe's with three times the amount.

              1. re: larrylee

                the other yogurt store is crazy banana. i really like it, although i haven't tried pinkberry to compare the two. i think cb is a little cheaper and there aren't long lines, so i'm not going to be switching any time soon.