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Feb 21, 2007 07:56 AM

MSP---- Good Spot for a Pho Virgin?

Any of the many, many places on University Ave. particularly good for a pho first timer? I’ve never had pho, but from the little I’ve read it sounds like the kind of food I’d love. I guess I'm looking for a friendly place were I won’t feel too stupid not knowing just what or how to order. Any tips or guidance from my fellow Twin City hounds would be greatly appreciated...


Uncle Ira

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  1. Pho Ca Dau, at 439 University Ave W (corner of University and Arundel). Pho is all they do, and in my opinion they have the best broth of anyplace I've tried. I go for the #10, rare beef and brisket. That's a good basic one to try if you're not quite up yet for the tripe/tendon combos. There's no ambience to speak of (okay, it's a complete hole in the wall), but man that is some tasty, tasty pho.

    1. i am sorry that quang is not on university, but it is my rec for tc pho. :)

      nic ave & 27th, across from shuang hur grocery and up the street from rainbow chinese

      1. My personal favorite is Saigon Resaurant on the corner of University and Dale.

        1. I'll second Saigon. If I'm remembering correctly, they'll sort of point you to a seat and give you a menu. Then for paying I think you just go right up to the cash register and they'll have your bill, no need to wait for it to be delivered to your table.

          Jasmine Deli on Nicollet is probably the most Westerner friendly spot. All the staff speak perfect and clear English and the menu is really clear and simple. It's not the best pho in my opinion, but a good place to dip your toes in.

          1. Haven't tried Pho Ca Dau, but will, given mcgeary's rec.

            My favorite place for pho is Trieu Chau at 500 University Ave. W (the cross street is Mackubin), with Saigon (at University and Dale) coming in a close second.

            Of those I've encountered, all the staff at Saigon and most of the staff at Trieu Chau speak English so you can ask them about the menu. Also, the menus at both places include a list (in English) of the meats in each pho version. If you're put off by items such as tripe, tendons, and/or fishballs, I'd recommend ordering phos with beef brisket and/or flank to start with, and branch out from there on subsequent visits.