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Feb 21, 2007 07:41 AM

Wine tasting party and kids

My boyfriend and I are hosting a wine tasting party this Saturday. We have kids and most of our friends do as well, so we have let them know kids are okay. Now we are looking at having 10-12 kids in our home, which is really a lot for our small space. My boyfriend thinks we should send out an email alerting our guests to this fact so they can be mindful of their own children.

I'm uncomfortable with this as I think it could be interpreted as offensive. What's the best way to handle this situation?

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  1. tough spot, chardonnay. IMO that's too many kids to have a successful wine tasting. Let us know how it went!

    ...or maybe I should say, that's too many kids to have a *fun* wine tasting!

    1. How about giving the kids their own party. Set them up in another room with DVD's and "pizza tasting" or fry dipping (provide lots of sauces) or something. I guess that depends on the age of the children also.

      I find that kids don't really want to hang around with their parents anyway, so giving them their own place to play may keep them out of your immediate party area and please them at the same time.

      1. As a big kid myself, to that comment I say: Oh the possibilities...

        1. How about hiring a babysitter (or two or three?) - perhaps some high school students, who can care for the kids - keep them occupied and entertained on premises while the big kids have their 'cool-aid' party? Everyone contributes to the kiddie caregivers, and hopefully everyone is happy.