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Feb 21, 2007 07:27 AM

Burgers! Please Opine regarding your faves

Ok I'm taking my work friends for a casual night out this Friday. I want red meat. I want a burger! Not melon's or corenr bistro. I've been too often. Some of the new spots BGR? BLT Burger? Or preferable nighborhood pub-like spots with great burgers. McHales? Let me know all.

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  1. I hate to promote this as the nighborhood dive Stoned Crow by Washington Square has already been getting too crowded, but they do have a former chef from Corner Bisstro. (I think, there was an article in New York Mag. about it) and I had a GREAT old-school cheeseburger there the other day.

    1. i've been to royale on avenue c twice so far and have had very good burgers both times - nice, juicy, and flavorful. i wouldn't say it's my favorite burger in the entire city but i like it better than any of the other burger joints that have opened in recent months. and it hasn't been overly crowded (though perhaps that's no longer the case) so i've been able to enjoy a quiet dinner with friends over a few beers. one of my visits was during the giants-eagles nfl playoff game and, surprisingly, no crowds.

      1. McHales closed over a year ago. There have been a few favorable posts on Stand. Do a search for burgers and you'll find a lot of recent threads.

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        1. I tried Strand last Friday evening and it was pretty good overall although nothing to get too excited about. Two of us shared a hamburger (served with green peppercorn sauce), a veggie burger, onion rings, fries, sweet potato mash with parmesan and a toasted marshmallow shake. Special mention for the veggie burger and the mash which were the standout items, everything else was just OK. As I was sat at the counter for 20-30 minutes waiting for my order, I could see close up that they are having plenty of teething problems in the kitchen, the counterman seemed pretty embarassed by it all.

          1. re: oonth

            Good fries. Good to above average burger. Nothng not to like but no stand out. Kitchen still showing signs of teething problems: we waited 15 mins for a takeout order; and there were three delivery orders waiting on the counter throughout. Best burger south of 23rd St. is still to be found at Molly's on 3rd Ave.

            1. re: North Bank Ned

              The Burger at Molly's is too big - if there is such a thing. It's a great tasting burger and well prepared, but it just gets gross after a while. Why so much food? ...and we wonder why everyone is overweight.

              1. re: psawce

                The taste is what matters.

                No one says you have to clean your plate!


                1. re: psawce

                  Skip the fries and the onion rings, then. The burger and a pint of Guinness is all you need.

                  1. re: psawce

                    It verges on being too big, but once you've had the almost White Castle-ishly tiny ones at Shake Shack, PJ Clarke's and Hamburgers & Cupcakes, come on now, you have to come running back to Molly's. AND it tastes better than those three, none of which are slouches themselves. p.s. Molly's Fish & Chips is equally amazing...

                    1. re: UniRules

                      I agree on Molly's burgers, they may be the best in Manhattan but not quite as good as Donovan's in Woodside. But only by a smidge. Thanks for the tip on the fish & chips! I'll have to try that sometime.

                    2. re: psawce

                      I tried Mollys Fri night and wasn't impressed. It's huge but nothing extraordinary (certainly not to be in a top 5-10 out of thousands of possible choices). Call me crazy but I prefer my burger plain with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard/ketchup. My search continues...

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                1. Dumont Burger in Williamsburg is really really good. Get it with the bacon and gruyere.

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                  1. re: nathan.verni

                    Agreed. It's probably one of the best I've ever had. And the bread-and-butter pickles it comes with are also great.