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Feb 21, 2007 07:07 AM

Champagne Brunch

Friend and I want excellent food and a bottle of something yummy this Sunday. 11am? I'm coming from the gym in midtown east, she's got a 2pm class on 23rd.

So, East side, near 23rd (east or west), Gramercy, Chelsea....any suggestions?

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    1. I had brunch at 11 Madison Park last week. The brunch itims were limited but I had the best eggs benidict in my life. And yes we had bubbly.

      1. NY State liquor laws don't allow the sale of on-premise alcohol before noon on Sunday. There are certainly places that don't follow this law, but there are others that will not sell you a drink before noon, so you might want to beware.

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          Actually I believe that law was thrown out about a year ago.

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            Are you sure? I went to brunch with some friends about a month ago and when we ordered Bloody Mary's, the server explained that she couldn't serve us on Sunday before noon...lucky for us, it was 11:50.

            1. re: roze

              I've been refused service almost every time I try to order a drink Sundays before noon. The last time was probably January around 11:45 am.

          2. Eleven Madison Park. Definitely.

            1. One other option is Five Points for brunch. It's a reasonable $25 for a pitcher of mimosas - which I thought was a pretty good deal, given some of the prices I've encountered in other places. The food is fairly enjoyable with interesting combinations as well and they made my son a special meal off the menu and were very accommodating. Great service!