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Feb 21, 2007 07:05 AM

Casual Lunch in the Heart of the Quarter

what are everyone's favorite lunch spots in the heart of the quarter?....reasonable prices rather than cheap prices....casual but not a dive.....I'm compiling a list for a group of out of town friends and wondering what i may have left out.....

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  1. I would include Bayona and Bacco. I don't think Stanley has reopened, but its worth checking. I have not tried the pizza place at 201 Decatur, but I hear its good and has music toward the end of the week. While I have only been for brunch, Eat on Dauphine is very good.

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      Reasonable beign the operative word, it's hard to beat The Alpine, on Chartres, and The Gumbo Shop on St. Peters.
      Casual, not an overly broad menus, but a little taste of creole for a decent price.
      House of Blues serves a dec
      went lunch, and the music and atmosphere is very Nawlins.
      If you're looking for straight up seafood dishes, Acme Oyster House is casual and not overly expensive.

      If you're willing to pay a bit more, then Bacco and Bayona as noted above, are both excellent choices.

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        I was hoping to try Stanley's in April... and had not heard he had closed. Do you know why he closed?

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          Stanley is not forever closed. The chef/owner is working on another restaurant in a hotel. There were hints of a plan disclosure, recently, but I never got the final scoop. Somebody might have heard.?

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            They are remodeling Stanley. There are also plans for the chef to open a place where Lemon Grass used to be. I believe Stanley is the first on the list to open. I will confirm when I eat at Stella next week.

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            I tried a slice of pizza at Rotolo's and hated it. I'll eat just about any pizza, but this was terrible. Curious if anyone disagrees

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              I'm not exactly sticking up for Rotolo's, as it isn't my favorite pizza around. My podunk town just got a new Rotolo's, and it is wonderful to have an option other than Dominos. Edible, decent-enough crust (thicker than I'd like, though), passable pepperoni. Now if they could just figure out that a four cheese pizza shouldn't have cheddar and feta on it!

          3. Stanley will reopen. Not gone for good.

            1. Try Fiorellas or Coops for some real NOLA cooking...

              1. Ditto on Coop's. Easily the best inexpensive authentic New Orleans food in the Quarter.

                1. Extremely casual and inexpensive, there was a line going down the block (literally) one time we walked past this place. So we decided to try to get there a little early, stood in line for a few minutes and dined at the ACME Oyster House. The food is pretty good, nothing fancy, but good. The oysters were great and the red beans and rice made me want a second helping!