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Feb 21, 2007 06:59 AM

Hol-Hamoed Pesach Near Delray, FL

We will be in Delray during Pesach. Any good kosher restaurants in that area that will be open during hol-hamoed pesach?

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  1. Most of the Beach and Aventura places are open for Pesach. I don't know about the Boca brigade.

    1. there is very little time for a restaurant to be open during Hol Hamoed Pesach. Yomtov is Monday night to Weds night so that leaves Thursday, Friday lunchtime, late Saturday night, Sunday to be open. Not worth the cost of changing over compared to be able to supply non Pesach food the week and the night before Pesach when everyone wants chometz and the evening and day after Pesach.

      Some hotels do Pesach catering and vacations. The Boca Resort and Club is one and there is a hotel in WPB that is also but not sure which one.