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Feb 21, 2007 06:44 AM

Coffeeshops in Rockville

Looking for a non-Starbucks coffeeshop around the Twinbrook area. I'm hoping for something like Murky or Misha's but that might just be a pipedream. Any thoughts?

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  1. Mayorga in King Farm (upper Rockville) is the only one I can think of...

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    1. re: stever500

      Thanks...but that is a little too far afield for a quick coffee break during work.

    2. El Patio serves coffee, but it's a weak substitute for the beauty that is coffee served in Argentina. However, I do love the bizcochos they serve. Otherwise, I'm with stever500, head up to Mayorga in King Farm. They do a good cafe cubano and I've generally been pleased with their espresso drinks. Their drip decaf is an embarassment to the name coffee.

      1. There is a place right off of Exit 6A in Rockville It has a name like Walker's or a last name.It is in the historic distric of Rockville

        1. You can get a nice latte and pastry at Le Madelline.

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            Carmen's in Rockville (woodley gardens-- just off 6A) has great coffee and espresso. Excellent Kona coffee on Fridays too. its the italian ice place-- but don't be mislead.