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Urgent: Can't Miss in Vegas for ~$75 per person

An unexpected change in travel plans has me in Vegas tomorrow (2/22) evening and I am looking for a couple of 'can't miss' places to eat. The budget is less than $75 per person (including tax and tip and hopefully drinks) and has to be casual because I don't have any 'good' attire. I don't know where I will be staying but I will have a car so traveling off the strip isn't an issue. I would prefer true 'chowish' places rather than commercial, destination eateries. What say you Vegas 'hounds?


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  1. well, if you like sushi and are prepared for a drive, I'd go to Koto on Eastern Ave. in Henderson. Simple store front, with AYCE for about 25; they have wine, sake and beer, but no hard liquor. The food is terrific and you will be well within your budget. Another option would be Todd's Unique on Sunset; you can bring in your own wine for I believe a $15 corkage and you can stop at Lee's, a large and well stocked liquor store across the street, and bring in; Todd's also has a full bar. It's pretty casual and jeans would be okay. Rosemary's on west sahara is also terrific but maybe a bit dressier and pricier. Lotus of Siam is also a great choice with fantastic food and a good wine list, and within the price range....

    1. Lotus of Siam, hands down. Especially since you have a car. Rosemary's is good but will probably eclipse your $75 level. I give nod to LOS, for it is more unique.

      1. crispy-skin suckling pig at Noodles, in the Bellagio (with fish congee and dimsum) is worth a special trip
        get two orders, you will still be well under $75

        1. $75 per person is fine for Rosemary's as long as you don't drink too much or get premium items as part of your 3-course meal. At $48 before tax and tip you've got room for a couple of beers or glasses of wine with your meal. In terms of overall ambiance, service and food I can't think of a better $75 experience.

          1. My suggestions would be Rosemary's too but be careful with your wine selections or you will bust your budget. I would also sugest Mimo Ferraro's for very good Italian. Once again you can easily keep the tab under your budget unless you go crazy with the wine. Both these places are off the strip and in my opinion some of the best in L.V. I also second the motion on Lotus of Siam. Kick-butt Thai and very reasonable.

            1. Looks like LOS it is. I checked out the menu and it is overwhelming to say the least. Any favorites? Also, do you think they would do a fixed price/chef's choice menu? Certainly doesn't hurt to ask I guess.

              Thanks for all of the info on such short notice.


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                I think all LOS fans will tell you the sausage and crispy rice salad is a must. Either the whole fish or giant prawns with chili/mint sauce will wow in both presentation and flavor. Go with the things that you don't normally do at Thai restaurants. Their takes on the usual suspects (pad thai, stuffed chicken wings, etc) tend not to wow the first-time visitor.

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                  Indeed their menu is overwhelming and one way to handle that is to not even look at it. Tell them to "cook for you", give them your budget and if possible, have them pair wines for you. The combination of Riesling and Thai can be sublime and surreal. ENJOY!!!

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                    If you go to Lotus of Siam, be sure and check out the Northern Menu and and ask about fish specials.

                  2. Marche Bacchus in the Summerlin area is excellent and within budget............wine shop
                    in front and they charge $10 corkage and the food and setting is well worth it.........Eight
                    of us go on a golf trip to LV for many years now and always make sure it's in the rotation..


                    1. Unfortunately another last minute change in plans did not allow me to check out LOS but I certainly will on my next trip. I was able to try the Duck Hash and poached eggs at Tableau. Incredible.

                      Thanks again for the rec's.


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                        Will have to remember Tableau for breakfast next time.

                        Daniel Boulud does a 5-7 nightly 3 course prix fixe menu for $48pp. A great dinner in a classy restaurant for a very reasonable price.