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Feb 21, 2007 06:13 AM

tapas in Houston

Can I get some recs for tapas throughout the Houston area?

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  1. There's a place called Mi Luna in Rice Village; the owner also runs Mia Bella. The options are somewhat hit or miss, though generally I've had more success with the hot options than the cold ones. It is a pretty popular place so it can be a loud atmosphere at times.

    1. You should try T'afia's free lounge menu on Tuesdays through Thursdays! Also various wine bars in town have small plates (Cova, the Tasting Room). Catalan has received good reviews, but I can't personally recommend it because I haven't been there yet.

      1. I used to love mi luna, but they have gone so horribly downhill that i have not been back in years. thanks for the mia bella rec!