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Feb 21, 2007 05:55 AM

Saturday dinner in San Francisco

My husband and I are looking for suggestions for a restaurant for this coming Saturday night. We are staying at the Washington Square Inn, 1660 Stockton Street, so some place in walking distance on Columbus would be great. By the time I got around to it, Gary Danko's was booked, although we are on a waiting list. We are only in the city for 2 nights, having dinner at Bacco on Friday night. We will be spending Sunday and Monday in Palo Alto, so any suggestions for there would be welcomed, too. Thanks!


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  1. Jai Yun
    Ristorante Ideale
    The House

    1. Would Piperade be walking distance?

      1. You should go to Gary Danko and just wait till a seat comes up at the bar, enjoy a few drinks and order there, it is the same menu at the bar and you can usually get a seat there if you dont mind waiting for a litt (though you may want to get there on teh early side)

        1. We had a delicious dinner this past Sunday night at Zibibbo in Palo Alto. Nice atmo and diverse menu.