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Feb 21, 2007 05:48 AM

Good Restaurants in Manhatten anyone??

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. My girlfriends and I are going on a trip to Manhatten next weekend, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some really good restaurants to eat at, that are decently priced near or around the Time Square area, since we are staying in Times Square. Also, a great sushi restaurant recommendation would be great too, as I want to eat sushi at least once while I'm there! I don't know anything about the restaurants so if anyone can make any recommendations, that would be great! Also, places where celebs would be would be great I want to see some celebs! :)


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  1. For the best help that you can receive, it is a good idea to give us price range in dollars, a list of cuisines you are looking for and whether it's for lunch or dinner.

    NYC has 5 restos per block and you are centrally located at Times square, so any additional info will garner you much better results.

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      1. Thanks for your reply jfood. I would say any restaurant where it would be $25 or under for each person. As far as the type of food, that doesn't matter. I love any and ALL types of food so I'm looking for a variety. I heard Lotus had good food, and Cipriani's so I might try those out but wanted additional options. Oh, and I'm looking for places to eat dinner, not lunch. Lunch will just be on the go, whatever place we stop at as we're walking down the streets.

        Thanks! ~penela4

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          To get a feel for the area go to They have the times square region and then you can click on various restos to see if you see any that peak your interest.

          Then you will get the input from the boards

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            Grand Sichuan, 9th Av. just north of 50th St., will cost you less than $25 for dinner, and it's great AS LONG AS YOU STICK TO THE SICHUAN, HUNAN, AND SPECIAL MENUS LIKE THE ONE FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR AND THE DISHES FOR THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER AND DO NOT ASK THEM TO TONE DOWN THE SPICINESS ON ANYTHING. If you don't like spicy food, don't go there.

          2. I don't think you have a ealistic view of the NYC dining scene. Lotus and Cipriani are more like $100plus per person. Anywhere you want to "see celebs" will be much more than $25 per person.

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              Not to mention Times Square is simply awful! I would spend an hour checking it out and the rest of my trip visiting other neighborhoods like the East Village, West Village, Soho, Tribeca, etc. If you limit yourself to TS you'll miss out on all that NY has to offer and not get a true feel for the city.

              Does the $25 pp include everything (drinks, tax, gratuity?) Or is this per entree?

            2. Just around $25 per person...doesn't have to be exact. Doesn't have to include drinks, tax, gratuity. I had no idea Lotus and Cipriani's was $100 per person, but then again what do I know. I've never been.