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Feb 21, 2007 05:17 AM

Cheeses (and other things) w/ Funny Honeys

I have four interesting honeys that I want to serve at a cocktail in a few weeks. I'm thinking cheese would be a good choice to pair, but could use some advice from more honey-savvy hounds than myself. It seems like everyone suggesets Parmigiano Reggiano, which is a fine and dandy choice...but it would be nice to have some variety, even bordering on the subversive.

I haven't tasted them myself yet (just ordered them), but trying to plan ahead. Wouldn't mind serving some dark/bitter chocolates, meats, etc. with the honey as well. I'm planning on serving a prosecco/cava. Any other wine suggestions appreciated as well!

Here's the honey line-up:

Lunardi Truffle Honey -- described as "rich and earthy...sweetness masks the depth of the flavor in the first instant [...] but melts into a gorgeous, deep, earthy truffle favor."

Rustichella D'Abruzzo Acacia Honey - intense sweetness, high production honey (I'm assuming that means rather simple)

R. D'A. Chestnut Honey -- descriibed as "grainy and delicious" as well as "unusually dark, with a spicy, almost savory quality and heady perfume."

R. D'A. Corbezzelo Honey -- "Intensely bitter and deep, dark brown, this honey is not for tea and scones. Imagine a smoky, unsweetened, bitter honey with barely a whisper of sweetness."


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  1. I'd go one better than the Parmigiano and use Pecorino Romano. It has a little more kick, and it's traditionally served with honey. Throw in a little arugula to balance it out, and it'll be fantastic.

    1. In Italy, I was served a truffled honey with a young, medium, and aged versions of the same kind of sheep's milk cheese. Unfortunately, I can't remember what kind of cheese it was, but it was neat to taste the different ages next to each other.
      In France, I had interesting honey drizzled over a fresh brebis as a dessert. Thank you.

      1. I've also had very good honeys drizzled over fresh farmer style cheeses like ricotta, and over yogurt.

        1. Ooh... all of those honeys sound really good, where did you order them from? We had a soft honey goat cheese (with the honey already in it) the other day from Dean & Deluca and it was excellent, so I think a goat cheese would go nicely with one of them... maybe the acacia one?

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            I ordered them from Market Hall Foods ( have lots of exotic goodies. I think the goat cheese with acacia sounds great. When I was living in France, dessert was often fromage frais with honey (flower varietys like lavender being most popular) and sometimes with chestnut puree. YUM.

          2. I've served truffle honey over burrata, it's a delicious combination with the mild creaminess of the cheese.

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            1. re: Rubee

              Thanks, this sounds great....I'll try it out.