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Feb 21, 2007 04:28 AM

Brazilian-style steakhouse coming to Tampa

Tampa's restaurant scene is definitely getting more interesting and enticing. Boizao Steakhouse is a Brazilian-style fine dining experience unlike anything currently in this market that will be opening soon in the Westshore area (near airport, Raymond James Stadium/Legends Field, International Plaza, major bridges, etc.). Florida may be known for its seafood but that's not all that's on its menu!

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  1. I have seen the construction. Is it a chain?

    1. what is it with "brazilian style" steak houses -- is that just a marketing gimmick?

      (i've never been to one, and rarely go out for steak - last time may have been at a steak and ale or an outback, and that would have been about 4-5 years ago or more.)

      sigh, i do miss steak. maybe i'll have to revisit!

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        We have had three "churrasquerias" (Brazilian-style steak houses) in Chicago for several years now. They aren't like anything else. First there is the salad bar from paradise, one on which you could not only make a meal but survive for a month---depending on which restaurant, you can expect shrimp, fresh hearts of palm and artichoke hearts, smoked salmon, poached jumbo asparagus, good sliced tomatoes all year long, wonderful greens, cheeses, dozens of other things. Then an endless parade of waiters comes to your table bearing various cuts of grilled meats---for a website with pictures, to give you an idea, go online to "Fogo de Chao." They carve the (hot, tender, smoky-tasting) meat directly onto your plate. You have a paper disc that is green on one side and red on the other and if you leave the green side up that means "Bring More Meat". There is something very nice about having two or three guys hovering over you urging just a little more filet mignon or little bitty lamb chops or garlicky top sirloin or bacon-wrapped chicken breast, and they just keep on doing this until you beg for mercy (or turn up the red side of your disc). Meanwhile side dishes are brought to the table---rice, black beans, fried plantains, crispy fried cornmeal mush, mashed potatoes, puffy cheese rolls. Price structure is "one price for all you can eat". You ask if this service is a marketing gimmick---my impression is that it's a popular style of restaurant in Brazil. Whatever, it is wildly popular in Chicago.

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          Yes... Boizao... it's authentic Brazilian-style food... the "rodizio"... I am Brazilian and in Brazil they are all over the place. However... for dinner time... it's $40 per person! You have to be really hungry to pay that kind of money! =P Of course we left 5 minutes after seating down. We were not expecting that high price, in a time we were not even that hungry. AND, that's the only option they have... no menu with some brazilian food, like you have on "Brasilia Grill" at Armenia with Hillsborough. The place is awesome though... they probably serve high quality food in there... maybe I will try when I get a raise.

          1. re: melzinha

            It seemed a little high to me at first but when they brought out the warm cheese rolls, fried plantains and potatoes and then when I checked out the spread on the salad/appetizer buffet (fresh veggies, Brazilian potato salad, huge beautiful red tomatoes, mozzarella, smoked salmon, rice and black beans) and then when they kept circling with the lamb, filet mignon, chicken wrapped in bacon and pincanha, I felt I got my money's worth. You can skip the grilled stuff and just enjoy the sides/salad/appetizer for $25 but tough to resist those tasty meat treats.

        2. It's meat, lots of it... you have a coaster kinda thing red on one side green on the other. When you turn it to green men in gauchos come atcha with skewers of meat. It is good but it is a lot of meat.

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              I don't know if the place in Tampa is related, but you're referring to Fogo de Chao, which is a chain, not Boizao.

            2. Nope, not a chain.

              Different cuts of roasted meats (filet mignon, top sirloin etc.) as well as chicken, pork, lamb and sausages. The other aspect of this type of dining is the amazing array of fresh greens, imported cheeses and Brazilian accompaniments that are featured in the salad buffet.

              1. Sounds great I'm in South Florida we have Texas do Brazil, Chima and Porcao down here they are all great. When in Tampa I'll try it. If you like meat you'll defenitly love this Brazilian style steakhouses.