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Feb 21, 2007 03:20 AM

Miele dishwasher -- entry level

I've been going back thru the threads on dishwashers and tho the majority seem to love their Bosch products, there are a few who have repeated that when things do go wrong, you're SOL. So for a plan B...

I'm starting to think about a baby Miele, likely just a little $ more than the Bosch. Would this be a prudent way to go? Who has an entry-level Miele dishwasher?

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  1. I'm not so familiar with the newest series of Miele dishwashers, but my older entry level model (bought about 6 years ago) performed like a champ. In my experience, the more "sophisticated", expensive models just offer more bells and whistles.. But the great cleaning, quietness, and reliability seem to be built into all Miele dishwashers.

    I was so happy with that dishwasher that I did not consider any other make when I started remodeling my current kitchen. The one accessory that was not included in my older entry-level unit was the top-mounted cutlery tray. I purchased this separately for $100 or so more, and it became one of my favorite features in the Miele dishwashers.

    Good luck!

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      Do you happen to know a Miele distributor in the Boston area?

    2. I just had a dishwasher repair person over to fix my GE Profile. Since they don't make the part it needs anymore, I asked him what he recommends I buy. Unhesitatingly, he replied "Bosch." He said to stay away from Meile (can't remember why). He said that all but a few brands are made by Maytag (Kenmore, JennAir, even Kitchenaid!). He said the high end GE Profiles and the high end Bosch are the best, quiet and reliable. He said the lower ends of those lines are not that great. Installation and removal of your old dw is an additional charge. He estimated $1200 for the top GE Profile (incl installation) and $1600 for the Bosch. HTH

      1. I have a Miele high end ($1200-1400) and love it. It is sooooo quiet i sometimes have to put my ear on the front to see if it is working. Ours has all the control on the upper lip so the front panel matches the other cabinet faces without any instruments showing when closed.

        He's an interesting link to a repair blog. Ignore the rat stuff, although funny, but notice the paragraph that states how miele may back up even when out of warranty.

        1. I'm on my 2nd Miele dw ... the first one lasted for over 20 years with exactly one service call (can't remember why) ... Their 3rd tier implement/flatwear drawer is brilliant, the racks are unbelievably adjustable so will fit just about everything, they are ultra super duper quiet & your stuff comes out sparkling ... Quite simply, I would never buy anything *except* a Miele....