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Feb 21, 2007 03:20 AM

Good pubs near Cambridge

Hi 'hounds:
Further to the post on good eats in C'bridge, hoping you could expand topic to include pubs _ possibly in the countryside _ near the city. Have to be up there on Saturday afternoon and am looking for a great place for lunch with boyfriend. Gastro, traditional, whatever welcomed.
I hate to (sort of) copy a topic already on the board, but you're always so good about it ...

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  1. One of my favourite stop-offs for lunch if we're in that area is the Queens Head in Newton, about 4 or 5 miles south of Cambridge. It's ancient and only serves sandwiches and soup - or on Sundays a meat platter. The meat is excellent and the soups are just described by their colour! They also do lovely toast and dripping. The beer's good too.

    1. oooh, Theresa I agree! It's the most wonderful pub!