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Feb 21, 2007 03:17 AM

Schwarma in Balto?

The only place I've found schwarma is Al Pacino Cafe (AKA Cafe Isis) in Mt Vernon.

Not like the stuff I can get on the streets of NYC, but I'll take what I can get.

Anyone know of any other places where I can get a great schwarma in Charm City? I'd love to give them a try.


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  1. They aren't in Baltimore just yet, but I love the (local) Lebanese Taverna chain. The Lebanese Taverna Cafe outside Annapolis does a nice schwarma. Mmmm, schwarma.

    Sorry, drifted off there. The LT is supposedly opening a branch in the Inner Harbor East, but something about the construction is really delayed. Le sigh.

    1. are you only referring to the city? there are a few places in the county

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        Will travel for good shwarma, pamd! :) Please do share, as I'm willing to head out beyond the confines of Baltimore City proper.

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          Orchard Market & Cafe (Towson) has great food, pretty sure they have schwarma. Also, there is a place on Smith Avenue in Greenspring shoppping center called Mimi's Cafe that has it (but I haven't tried it there), not far off 83 (Mt Washington area). Kabob Hut in Towson is Middle Eastern and really good, but for some reason I'm not sure they have schwarma. Good Luck!

      2. I know I sound like a rube (and I've even lived in NYC recently), but what is schwarma?

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            Thanks, one and all, for your recommendations! I may head to Lebanese Taverna this weekend, as my better half will be working on his boat in Annapolis. Plus, it will give me memories of eating there in my DC days...

            But I will definitely check the others out. Thanks again!


          2. If you want AMAZING schwarma and are willing to travel, head over to Max's Kosher Cafe in Wheaton. The schwarma stand is manned by a Palestinian gentleman who does an amazing job. It is worth the trip.

            In Baltimore, Kosher Bite on Reisterstown Road has decent schwarma. Accents Grill (near Mimi's Cafe in the Greenspring Shopping Center) also has schwarma, but I haven't had it.

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              I'll second Kosher Bite. A good sandwich (pita) and they have a toppings bar from which you can choose a little or a lot of many different salads (they dish it up). A few miles inside the beltway, right next to Tov Pizza.