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Feb 21, 2007 02:44 AM

Golborne Road/Ladbroke Grove/Westbourne Park

Everytime I go and have my hair cut (Golborne Road) I leave thinking it's two and a half hours home on the tube and train, why don't I eat here and just sleep when I get home? I'm off to be tidied up on Friday after work and will probably be ready to leave there between 7 and half past. Is there anywhere I should eat out there? Gastropub would be perfect (so long as they're not so busy I can't eat), fish and chips fine so long as I can eat in rather than on the tube!

Any suggestions beyond get a hairdresser closer to home?

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  1. Posted about this on another thread but the fat badger has some good eating. Very north end of Portobello used to be a bar called bed. Not sure how crowded it wil be on Friday evening - though can't hurt to check it out. Other options in the area:

    Goldborne House (or the Goldborne) - use to be a real scene - haven't eaten here in years - though was and probably still is a solid gastro pub

    A number of portuguese spots - the patisserie on the south side does the best natas in london (usually sells out before I even wake up on weekends)

    Also No 10 Goldborne for something upmarket. Though can't vouch for it.

    On the east end of westbourne park road you have - The Cow & The Westbourne (good food at both) and more Conran spots (Crazy Homies and Luck Seven) and finally the recently discussed Bumpkin.

    Possibly too many choices I think.



    1. In the near rather than immediate vicinity of Golborne Road, 3 gastros spring to mind - William IV on Harrow Road, Paradise by Way of Kensal Rise on Kilburn Lane and the Greyhound on Chamberlayne Road. It's been a while since I ate at any of them but they used to be solid options. First two places were quite painfully hip in their day so got busy but times may have changed as the hipsters move on and find new localities.