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Feb 21, 2007 01:34 AM

Moroccan Food NYC

Where can I find a great Moroccan restaurant with floor seating? Like in the remake of the movie Sabrina with Harrison Ford... where are they eating???

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  1. Floor seating, not at tables? I sure don't know of any such place. I guess that wasn't helpful; sorry.

      1. My favorite NYC Moroccan/Northern Africa style restaurant is Le Souk. They do have a back room with more traditional seating, but I am not certain about whether or not it would specifically suit your needs. The food is incredible though and around 10:00pm, the vibe of the place reverts to a sort of Middle Eastern night club. Lots of excellent music, people belly dancing (customers LOL). Just a really great vibe. One of the most enjoyable nights I have spent in NYC. Make sure to ask for a table in the back room though. They get packed very, very quickly on Friday and Saturday nights though, so you might want to get there early and stick around. Here's their website: