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Feb 21, 2007 01:33 AM

Ckicken & Waffles in B'ham

Does anybody know where to get some good chicken and waffles in Birmingham, Alabama?

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  1. OK, since this got mentioned on the other thread for "Boston Hound in ATL," here's my question:

    Are chicken and waffles even an authentic southern dish?

    I'd never heard of them until back around '96, when the Gladys Knight and Ron Winans place opened up in ATL at the edge of the abandoned Mall of China across from City Hall East (other side of the parking lot from the Borders/Whole Foods for those that weren't here then). And the only other place I heard of them around the same time was in the movie, Swingers. That was in reference to a location in LA.

    I certainly don't claim an exhaustive knowledge of all things southern- I'd certainly never heard of eating biscuits with chocolate until the recent AJC article. We always had them with honey, sorghum molasses, or ribbon cane syrup.

    I don't doubt that someone somewhere had these growing up. But, other than that, say 30-40 years ago, could you have gone into a restaurant in some part of the south, ordered chicken and waffle, and not gotten a "huh" look?

    1. Last time I checked, Birmingham didn't have a "chicken and waffle" place. But I haven't lived there in a couple of years either.

      Maybe someone should open one? Who doesn't love chicken and waffles?

      And I'm with Ted, chocolate just sounds weird on a biscuit.

      1. There's not a chicken & waffle place that I'm aware of. Perhaps there's a local place in the urban city area somewhere, but not in any of the surrounding burbs.

        Chocolate sauce on a biscuit is wonderful!!! It's not like a melted candybar. It has a much thinner consistency. Just the right mix of sweet & salty with a biscuit.

        1. I've lived in B'ham over 15 years and never have heard of one in the city. I would love it if one would open, but these two items tend to be mutually exclusive in most cities including B'ham. While a combination made in (my) heaven, I don't think it really is a southern thing.

          1. Summer 2009:

            Local Chicken and Waffles at 3rd Ave & 11th Street North. (3rd Ave North Exit off I-65 North).

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