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Yum Gum: Orbit Mint Mojito

I know that a lot of you Chowhounds love Orbit gum, and I just have to tell you that the new Mint Mojito flavor is quite possibly their best yet. It's a great balance of spearmint and lime. The flavors complement each other nicely, each making the other taste that much fresher. I wish I could say the same of the new Raspberry Mint gum, though... it's a pretty average fruit flavor. Go get yourself some of the Mint Mojito, you'll love it.

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  1. I can't remember the brand but I recently tasted a spearmint/melon gum that was hideous.

    1. Yumm... will have to look for that. I love their orange & lemon flavors...

      1. I just tried this gum, it's GREAT! It is mostly spearmint with lime notes under it. I agree with JK, it does make the spearmint fresher. I'm not usually a fan of that flavor.

        1. I just tried it as well. Thanks JK for the rec!!

          1. but where dio you fid it i have looked everywhere

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              I first found it at Wal-Mart. Try major grocery stores that carry the three-packs of Orbit before trying convenience stores, I think.

            2. but where did you find it i have looked everywhere

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                  I saw the huge multipak at my local Costco this weekend. I prefer the lemon-lime so I bought that instead.

                2. Oh, thanks for this tip! I'll most certainly keep a look out for it. Cocktail gum is genius.

                  I recently tried oolong tea gum from Tearrow and it was horrible. I expect gum to lose its flavor fairly quickly, but this lasted like 2 seconds and it wasn't a good flavor either.

                  1. I found it at Rite Aid

                    1. thanks for the tip i tryed it and it's SOOOOOO good

                      1. ooohhhh, i'm a BIG mojito fan. will have to find it this weekend!

                        1. i can't find it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          1. was at my local Rite Aid and found it! WOO HOO. every friend i gave a stick too liked it too. gonna have to get me more . . .. i also grabbed a sweet mint for the heck of it.

                            1. This is very good gum. I don't chew gum very often but make an exception for this.

                              1. funny this post is up, i work at a small store in the country in MA and a wrigly sales rep was in friday and gave us a free display of this flavor...its TASTY!

                                1. This gum is so good. Unfortunately it's ruined for me now after my brother-in-law told me it tasted "like a douche". How bad did I want to lick his arm and say "you know what? you're right!". Ah, family.

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                                    Just ask him how he knows what one tastes like.

                                    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                                      Tried that. I could get into a whole other topic about in-laws that would get removed from the Chowhound Team.

                                  2. I finally tried this gum. I didn't think I liked it at first, but that was only because I put it in my mouth almost immediately after I had been chewing Dentyne Fire soft chew gum. The after effect of the cinnamon made it taste medicine-y. After a few moments the flavor started to come through and it is really refreshing. I will probably continue to be a cinnamon gum devotee, but this was definitely nice for a change.

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                                      I still like their orange flavor the best. Then lemon, then mojito.

                                    2. JK, this is maybe the first time I've disagreed with you! I found it to be odd, and I like most of the Orbit flavors. Lemon and sweetmint are my top two so far.

                                      1. I liked the Orbit Mint Mojito ok. I found some at Grocery Outlet in Newark, CA for 89c a pack (14 pcs). Is that a good price?

                                        pic attached.

                                        1. The texture seems kind of soft. For extended chewability, I still vote for the sweet-mint and the other original Orbit flavors (can't remember the names since I only chew the sweet-mint lately.) They can definitly stand up to a good half hour to 45 minute chew when I am at the gym. Although this Mint Mojito tastes fine, I won't be buying in in bulk like I do the Sweet Mint.

                                          1. I just picked up the new Raspberry Mint yesterday. It's delish! Reminds me of grape BubbleYum that I used to chomp when I was a kid.

                                            1. yum.... i love the cinnamint and bubblemint and now i just got a pack of mojito mint but i haven't opened it yet...

                                              1. I am definitely going to look in to this! I'm a BubbleMint girl, myself!