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Feb 20, 2007 11:18 PM

Microplane v. Zester

I have a stand-up grater, a mandoline, a decent set of knives and a zester that looks like this

I'm a total amateur, I don't grate herbs or nuts (I usually mince and leave it at that) so can someone tell me, do I really need a microplane and why is it better than my zester?


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  1. Those zesters are good for pulling off long strips of zest. I utterly LOVE my Microplane. It completely takes the zest off citrus in fine, fluffy clouds of zest, and does so much faster than with a regular zester.

    1. I wouldn't want to use that zester on a piece of garlic.

      Actually, I do have a zester, but I find that my microplane is replacing it. It's especially good for ginger.

      1. "Joke" zesters like these keep Chinese 18 yr-olds employed but don't do much for us. Get a MicroPlane. Great for garlic, ginger, zesting, Parm and other hard cheeses.The first sound you'll hear after getting a MP is your old zester hitting the trash can.

        1. That zester is useless. You'll know why you need a Microplane as soon as you use it.

          1. About the only thing I can think of that a zester does better than a microplane is what JK said, they can pull off long strands of zest, good for decoration. But you can use a knife for that. A microplane is superior in every other way. Just be careful you don't microplane your fingertips off.