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Feb 20, 2007 10:31 PM

Halal question

I am not muslim, but I have a client who is and I would like to take him out to a Halal restaurnat (anywhere in LA or OC is fine). I know that for my Kosher clients, I have several upscale kosher restaurants I have taken them to (Pats, now Prime Grill...). Are there any upscale Halal restaurants?

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  1. Don't know off hand about upscale, but here is a search engine for halal restaurants:

    1. Ma's Islamic Chinese sounds good and looks great from the photo. It's in OC. See Das Ubergeek's review below!

      also OC Weekly review w/ pic:

      1. I know of two Chinese Islamic restaurants in "LA," and both are really good - as to whether they are Halal, I can only assume. One is Beijing Islamic Restaurant in Rolling Hills/Torrance on PCH, the other is in the big 99 Ranch shopping center off Del Mar in San Gabriel. I'm not sure if the latter is there though - my wife thinks that they may have closed or been bought out by someone else...

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          If the second one you're thinking of is Tung Lai Shun, it did change owners and is now really Taiwanese (though I think they kept the name). Wish I'd tried it under the old regime; I only know China Islamic in Rosemead and think it's pretty good, but I've read people thought TLS was way better. However, the atmosphere at China Islamic is nothing special.

          This website is useful for finding halal restaurants (Sizzler, who knew?), but not so much for discerning atmosphere.

          1. re: Cicely

            You are right on all counts re TLS's change.

            My fiancee is Taiwanese. We went on our first date to Tung Lai Shun two years ago, and many times since then. We went traveling in Asia for six months and in Beijing there are several Islamic restaurants named "Tung Lai Shun" (but only one supposedly which is "famous"... a bit like all the phony Ray's pizza joints in New York which have copied off the fame of the original in Greenwich Village.)

            After returning from our travels, we went back and saw that TLS had completely remodeled with a mega bamboo makeover. We still saw people with plates of flatbread, so we didn't immediately realize that anythin was amiss. My girlfriend did a double take when she realized that the Chinese characters no longer read "Tung Lai Shun" (oddly, the english characters remained the same)

            On a subsequent visit to the Great Mall of China, we saw that TLS was again closed down, this time with a sign in Chinese announcing that they were hiring "a famous chef from Beijing" to come and work for them. This was several months ago, and we have not been back since then to see what has happened.

            I had read in Chowhound a while back that the owners of the real TLS moved to Anaheim-- I wonder if Mas Islamic is the current incarnation?

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              Yes, Chandavkl said in response to Ubergeek's post that the owner (Jamillah Ma) of Ma's previously owned TLS. I think Jamillah Garden, her other, less-fancy Islamic Chinese restaurant in OC, is still extant.

        2. I've heard about Chinese Islamic but don't know of anything else. I did want to point out that just because the client is Muslim, it doesn't mean that he/she eats only halal. It's like not all Jewish people keep kosher. You might want to check into it -- I have several Muslim friends and none of them keep halal.

          1. The dietary restrictions are very similar for kosher and halal, especially regarding the way animals are slaughtered, and I know Muslims who are comfortable eating at Kosher restaurants because of the similarities. Could you ask your clients if a Kosher restaurant would be acceptable?