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Feb 20, 2007 10:19 PM

Lunch in Santa Cruz tomorrow

Where's the best casual taqueria style mexican or maybe a tasty fresh hippified veggie restaurant with good people watching and excellent organic food? Or if you have another idea, lay it on me! We'll be at UCSC in the morn...

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  1. I always enjoyed eating @ the Crow's Nest - reasonably priced food...on the water...

    1. thanks mr. bob dobalina.

      is this a swanky joint or someplace cheap? I'm looking for the latter...

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      1. re: crunchy

        Crow's Nest is neither swanky nor cheap IMO but somewhere in the middle; it's a seafood joint w/ standards like fried calamari, crab cakes, grilled fish, etc. I personally don't care for the CN, except for maybe a drink w/ a light bite for happy hour. Here's their website:

        Since you'll be at UC, I'll recommend a few places nearby:

        La Cabana: I haven't been but a few locals really like this taqueria. Have heard good things about the chicharrones and desebrada meats. It's in a strip mall on Mission next to O'Mei.

        Cafe Brasil: The wait may be terrible, but it's a unique experience w/ good people watching. I believe they use many organic ingredients and their fresh juices are good.

        Kelly's French Bakery: Fresh, organic ingredients and bread is made on site. Lines can be a drag but they have some outdoor seating if the weather clears up and it's a fun place to people watch. Get dessert here. Located on corner of Swift and Ingalls. Head a little south for a stroll on the beach afterwards.

        Have a good lunch and please report back!

      2. The best taqueria in Santa Cruz (and, if you'll allow me to exaggerate a little, possibly California) is Tacos Moreno on Water St. Order the quesadilla, which actually seems more like a taco than a quesadilla. It's AWESOME!

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          Tacos Moreno is to Santa Cruz what Pink's is to LA . . . you line up out the door, wait for it, and die happy . . . . .

        2. I second the recommendation of Tacos Moreno, but if you prefer a "real" sit-down restaurant, go to the mall, go to Palomar, and have good Mexican food and great Margaritas . . .

          But if food is the priority, go to Tacos Moreno.