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Feb 20, 2007 09:51 PM

Soho restaurant

Can anyone recommend a good, but moderately priced, restaurant in Soho for dinner on Saturday night? I'll be around W. Houston and Thompson and need to find a restaurant in the area.

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  1. Rocco (181 Thompson) is a pleasant, if nondescript red-sauce Italian stalwart, but French bistro's being my thing, I prefer Raoul's (180 Prince). Also, Jerry's at 101 Prince. Upscale diner with New American fare.

    NB: You WILL pay more at Raoul and the crowds may be dizzying, too.

    Other ideas (a little more upscale):

    Il Buco, country Italian on Bond at Lafayette is a little out of the way and has changed chef's since my last visit, but the room is great and the food was too.

    Balthazar, 80 Spring Street, the Keith McNally brasserie that started it all (for him, anyway) is surprisingly affordable (relatively speaking) but book your table NOW.

    Blue Ribbon Sushi at Sullivan and Prince is about as good as Next Door Nobu but costs half as much (if you go easy on the sake).

    1. I'll second Raoul's and Jerry's, and add these to the list:
      Lupa (Thompson above Houston) - great Italian if you can get a table
      Jane (Houston between Thompson and LaGuardia) - solid New American
      Arturo's (Houston and Thompson) - old-school coal oven pizza
      Peep (Prince between Thompson and Sullivan) - Thai in a fun space
      Bistro Les Amis (Spring and Thompson) - French bistro, less expensive than Raoul's
      Country Cafe (Thompson between Spring and Broome) - French-Moroccan
      Mekong (6th Ave and King) - newish Vietnamese with pretty decent reviews on this board

      1. Boy was I disappointed in Il Buco. The space is breathtaking. However the food was ordinary. We had veal, pork, polenta, greens et. al. The server and the menu are so pretenscious with overly effusive descriptions and praise for the food, the culinary region etc.
        I concur with Balthazar, Blue Ribbon Sushi. Still need to get to Raouls. An institition.
        What ever you do don't do dos caminos! I I like kittichai. Some may find it sceney.

        1. If you're a party of 2, I would recommend Snack on Thompson (Prince/Spring). They serve consistently satisfying Greek cuisine for reasonable prices. I adore their taramasalata, saganaki and lamb stifado. There are only 5 two-person tables, so I would not go with a large group.

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              Out of curiosity, how does Snack compare in price to Midtown Greeks (overpriced, IMO) or Astoria Greeks (reasonably priced, IMO)?

              Also is fish a focus or a compliment there?

              I was thrilled to discovered Demetris recently, a reasonably priced seafooder on Broadway in Astoria that I'm sure has been around forever, it's just new to me.

          1. Unlike most posters on this site, I don't love Snack. I lived in Greece for awhile and have always been disappointed by the food at Snack. It does not compare to places in Astoria.

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            1. re: comidaqueen

              I'm in agreement. I really don't see what's so great about Snack. I found my pastitsio begging for salt and my friend's moussaka wasn't properly cooked. I didn't quite like the service I got either, so I haven't been back in years. Maybe it's changed in the past 5 years, but I doubt it.

              1. re: JungMann

                Corio is great, Ive been to their restaurant Marions country kitchen in woodstock. Its the same great food from up north, but this has great atmosohere and burlesque shows. I went with a group, the food was great and a we had a lot of fun. I totally recommend it.

                1. re: drice1

                  so i see u been to CORIO? or anyone else been there??
                  im thinking of planning a bachelorette party dinner think its a good idea? does the place consist of 2 rooms? a room where we can eat then watch the show? anyones help is appreciated...