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Feb 20, 2007 09:40 PM

fresh duck eggs?

does anybody know where i could find fresh duck eggs in los angeles? i tried china town, but, alas, because of my ignorance i bought baby duck eggs--which was, to say the least, unexpected. thanks in advance.

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  1. I have read, (both here on CH and on the web) that the South Pasadena Farmers Market has a vendor that sells them. If you check it out we hope you will let the board know if that's true and who has them for sale. (Have you thought about making a McArthur Park lake late night rubber boat run out to the island? ;-D)

    South Pasadena Farmers' Market
    Meridian Ave. at Mission St.
    near Orange Grove
    Thursdays, 4-7 p.m.
    (Rain or shine)

    1. As your looking for duck eggs, I assume you must have tasted them before (and liked them enough to hunt more down). Is there a big taste differance from our everyday chicken eggs?

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      1. re: Scotty

        i never really tasted duck eggs but i have been found to be allergic to chicken eggs so since my birthday is coming up, i wanted to bake myself a cake with duck eggs. i guess since i live across the street from echo park i might as well take tony's advice ;)

        1. re: laromagnola

          If you're allergic to chicken eggs are you sure you wouldn't also be allergic to duck eggs? Why not try some sort of vegan egg substitue. Alternately some of the box mixes will still rise fine without eggs due to all of the leavening agents they put in there.

      2. For Scotty: duck eggs yolks taste a little richer to me than chicken eggs, and are larger in size. Not a night and day difference, but noticeable. Supposedly, they make a more substantial difference in baking, but I haven't tested that.

        Balut Pateros has plain duck eggs and balut, the fertilized kind w/ the embyro inside.
        15075 Weststate
        Westminster, CA
        9333 E. Valley Blvd
        Rosemead, CA

        edit: Forgot to mention that Balut Pateros is also a wholesaler. If they're too far from you, you might ask if they have a more local retail account.

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        1. re: Professor Salt

          You can also get them "un-aged" at the balut place next to Asian Garden Mall on Bolsa -- it's just marked "Hot Vit Lon", which is Vietnamese for "balut".

        2. I'm pretty sure I've seen duck eggs at Surfas in Culver City...but I'm not positive...I know they have quail eggs....just can't remember whether they had both...

          Give them a ring


          1. Ranch 99 often has them - but you have to specifically ask sometimes.

            168 Market also carried them during their grand opening a few months back. 168 is located on the NW corner of Valley and New Ave. in SGV.

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              caution of the ones at 99 ranch and other asian markets, often they're "salted" duck eggs. not many carry the unsalted, so i snag a bag when i come across em.

              1. re: catbert

                At Ranch 99 or Hawaii Market (and many times at Shun Fat) they always have them in the back, but not always on the shelves. Just ask and they'll fetch you a carton or two or three ...