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Casual Dinner in Pasadena/Glendale area

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Looking for a place for a nice, casual dinner in Pasadena/Glendale area. We will be wearing workout clothes. Nothing too expensive (under $30 per person, no alcohol, under $20 even better) but something good and tasty. Here are the options:


No Thai, Vietnamese, Indian.

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  1. For Italian, try BRIGANTI (www.brigantirestaurant.com ) or maybe GALE'S (www.galesrestaurant.com


    For French, how about LA VIE in Rosemead? (2547 San Gabriel Blvd (626) 571-1180)

    For Spanish, consider CAFE ATLANTIC in old town Pasadena.

    I really think Pasadena is in dire need of a good Japanese place.

    1. Bistro Verdu in north Glendale has a menu that is infused with Spanish and French influences. Prices are good. And you can go the tapas route and order a few different small plates and easily stay at your price. Take a look at their website: www.bistroverdu.com

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        Have to say Bistro Verdu is great, but you might feel a little out of place in workout clothes. Maybe Fratelli's for good Italian or Zeke's for BBQ.

      2. Simular questions are asked almost weekly. Do a search in Pasadena and you will come up with many more options. Good luck.

        1. Raffi's Place, Glendale. Persian kabob.