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Feb 20, 2007 08:07 PM

Sunday Hungarian Buffet

The Queens of Hungarian cooking reigned on Queen St West, at the Hungarian Goulash Party Tavern, of blessed memory, Nick and Leslie. Everything that you liked and ated about Hungarian restaurants was there to an extreme. Since then there has been an emptiness. I was driving along Steeles Ave West, last Sunday , nostalgic, and then I had a Sign. " Schnitzel House , all you can eat buffet, Sunday". I entered, I saw, I lunched.

Not bad, it isn't a Nick and Leslie, but when they retired they broke the mould.
Less robust thabn N&L, but better then Paprikash ,in my mind.

Three soups, I had the goulash, not bad at all. Lots of salads, believe it or not. Excellent (marsh!) beets; cucumber salad that got screwed up by using too much salt to drain the cucumbers, sliced tomatoes with onion and black pepper, chopped cucumbers with feta, caesar salad using romaine and a mixed lettuce salad using romaine, vegetable. Is this place really Hungarian ? I was reassured by the waitress's , (a daughter of the owners), smelling like a lush at 1:00 pm, and still being very efficient.

The hot stuff was in 10 bins and a good assortment. I chose to believe the soused daughter that the schnitzel was`veal even though it looked very white; quite good; excellent roast potatoes, a veal (sic) in sauerkraut dish which was tasty enough but the veal was hard, and other stuff which I didn't have and can't remember.but without much pork.

The deserts were a canned tropical fruit cocktail (not bad for what it was), a black forestesque cake which I didn't try, strudels which were quite OK.

Adults $12.95, children are free. A good deal. I will return once in a while. But oh, how I miss N&L's roast staffed chicken and getting scolded by Cathy the waitress.
Most of the clientele was Hungarian which is a good sign.

The place is in the shopping plaza across from the Canadian Tire on Steeles just west of Yonge. You can eat there and get gas. Once in the plaza`you can't mistake it. It is the only place with the whole front painted in Hungarian colours.

Schnitzel House
100 Steeles Ave West 905-889-5600

Next door is North, an Iranian restaurant. Anybody know anything about it? it looked high class with high prices.

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  1. Do you know if they have a dinner buffet?

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      no they have a standard menu at night. As for the quality its 'ok' i prefer paprikish as more homemade style. but they don't have a buffet (good thing with a buffet is you can try alot of dishes rather then just ordering just one)

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Amadeus serves Austrian style Goulash on their late night menu:

        Has anyone tried the Amadeus version of Austrian goulash or goulash soup yet?

      2. There is also a Hungarian Buffet on Sundays - Main Street - Markham - Mr. Hungarian..despite the name, the owners have had quite a few Hungarian restaurants in Markham and Ajax....buffet is around $13.95 - cabbage rolls, schnitzel, usually a hot roast, soup and salads..poppy seed strudel....not bad for the money and very filling

        1. IF I recall correctly, Mr. Hungarian is owned by the brother of the lady that owns Schnitzel House. At least, the last time I was there, he told me that his sister has a similar place "just west of him", and I'm fairly sure its Schn. House.

          Mr. Hungarian also has a Sunday buffet, very similar to that described above. We drive from Oakville to Markham for it on occasion when the mood hits. Lets face it, you can't cook schnitzel, goulash, roast, salads etc etc unless you spend a week doing it!!! So as a lazy hungarian, I prefer to drive to Marham :). Plus the price is great.

          Amy Pataki of the Toronto Star did a review of Mr. Hungarian in the paper a few years back, and she is hungarian too and liked it fine. It seems since they've redone the website, the review is no longer posted.

          1. Do they have chicken in the buffet? by indicating the schnitzel meat is white do think they might have used chicken instead of veal?