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Feb 20, 2007 07:50 PM


I'm looking for a good chinese (cantonese) restaurant that serves goeduck, besides Koi Palace. I'd prefer to have it cooked rather than eating it sashimi style. Anywhere in the bay area. Thanks.

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  1. Haven;t been in awhile, but I've seen them in the tanks at Asia Pearl in the Pacific East Mall in Richmond.

        1. re: cous_cous

          Don't feel bad. It's pronounced "gooey duck" in any event, so your spelling makes more sense than the "correct" spelling, which was probably a bad transcription of the Indian name, something like "gueduq"

        2. I've seen it sporadically in the tank at Ocean on Clement St. at around 8

          1. If you are lucky enough to get hot pot at Koi (it seems that they kind of sort of offer it) you'll probably get geoduck to cook yourself; at least it always came with the hot pot at Willie Ng's previous establishment.