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Paso Robles Best

we have one night in Paso Robles and are looking for the best dining experience.

have been reading a lot about Bistro Laurent, Artisan, Matthews, Villa Creek, and Paris.

If you could only select one of these, which would it be? Or is there another place that I have not even mentioned?

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  1. Paris I believe was shutting down and reopening in a new location. So you might want to check its status before making plans for there.

    1. Villa Creek or Bistro Laurent would be my first two options, depending upon when I could get in . . .

      1. I agree, Villa Creek or Bistro Laurent, in that order.

        1. Also going to Paso for a weekend (3 nights) - any recommendations for a special Anniversary Dinner??

          1. Plan to be in Paso in mid-April to do the "wine thing". Anyone have any must visit recommendations?

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              Quite a bit in the archives.
              I recently posted my "can't miss" Westside wine run

              Some food talk:

              The wineries to avoid thread:

            2. We were in town and went to Artisan last weekend -- I was pleasantly surprised with the food (with the exception of desserts, which felt like an afterthought). I had a mushroom lasagna with creme fraiche which was really good, and big enough that I could have shared it. Nice service, too.

              1. We're going to Paso for one night in August and currently have a reservation at Artisan. Should we go to Bistro Laurent or Villa Creek instead??

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                  I would stick with Artisan. If not there, then Bistro Laurent. My experiences at Villa Creek have been hit and miss so of the three I would receommend the other two first.

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                    Thanks for the reco! I'll keep my reservation at Artisan :-)

                2. I would also recommend McPhee's in Templeton, about three miles south of Paso. Every meal I've had there (maybe six) has been outstanding.