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Feb 20, 2007 07:28 PM

Cafe Roma Mid City?

I am wondering the outcome of Cafe Roma in Mid City since Katrina? And for that matter The Dixie bar. Anyone help me here. Cafe Roma used to have some phenomenal gourmet pizza, including their own version of a Turkish pizza I haven't found anywhere else.

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  1. Roma was still empty when I drove by recently. Pretty sure the Dixie bar never came back.

    1. Cafe Roma in Mid-city is not re-opening; there was a "for sale" sign on the building the last time I passed by there. They used to have another location just off Magazine at the one-way split (by the Half Moon) but I don't know if that one is still around. I liked the Turkish pizza better at the Sophie Wright venue because they were more heavy-handed with the pepper and lemons.

      I don't think the Dixie Tavern is coming back, either---they were gutted some time ago, but I haven't seen any activity recently.

      1. my office is 2 blocks away from both places. ROMA is indeed for sale, and the Dixie... ugh ... they haven't done anything. that place is toast :(

        1. Care Roma by Half Moon is open.