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ISO Dining Options Downtown White Plains

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I'll be in White Plains for work on a weeknight and would love a foodie's recommendations for a place to eat solo. Ideally walking distance or short cab from downtown White Plains. Less expensive (and more authentic) than Morton's; Blue Hill is probably too far.

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  1. Aberdeen-chinese-pretty much downtown-not cheap but not pricy-I think its pretty authentic

    Sunset grille-upscale mexican (medium price) a little far away

    Theres a jamaican place i believe between downtown whiteplains/train station and central avenue up on that hill maybe on battle avenue...havent been there in ages though

    Although some people dont like it, I like cafe karamba...some dishes are much better than others its cheap and open later than most.

    Ambadi/bengal tiger-ambadi is the takeout joint (does have places to sit though) thats run by same people or relatives of bengal tiger which is a nice place to dine.

    The best place in white plains is probably sushi nannasse but im not sure if it is thet ype of thing your looking for (its expensive and havent heard or seen anyone eating solo)

    Niko's Tavern on central avenue isnt a bad option for greek food at fair prices. very close to the train station.

    Avoid Tango grill...i really despise that place and its overpriced.

    White Plains has lots of bad dining option so its hard to navigate sometimes.

    1. I agree on Tango Grill being overpriced for the value of food.

      Trotter's used to be quite good, as was Il Mulino. Not sure if both haven't slipped, according to reports here.

      Graziella's is still good Italian, I believe, and Blue had very good whatever cuisine it was, as well as very good drinks.

      Francesco's has really good pizza, followed by A Mangiari.

      Since you are already paying for parking, Asian Temptation seems to be a favorite of a lot here, if you like sushi.

      1. Try the bar @ Legal Seafood or P.F. Chang's.
        Burgers at Porter House on Mamaroneck Ave.
        Splendid Coffee Shop, also on Mamaroneck Ave.
        Atlantic Bread Co. in City Center.
        Sushi bar at Season's (Mamaroneck Ave.) or Noda's (in the "mini mall" where the DMV is).
        Sports Page is also in the "mini mall" (burgers & sandwiches).
        A couple of weeks ago I did see someone dining solo in Asian Temptation.

        1. Don't know what your food preferences are, but there are 3 restaurants located near each other where you shouldn't feel uncomfortable eating alone: Bengal Tiger, mentioned above, medium priced; Latin American Cafe, Cuban, less expensive; Meson los Castellanos, upscalish Spanish, not cheap but not unreasonable. They're all good. (They're also all near the aforementioned Tango Grill.)

          1. I'm going to give recs that are a bit different than all the other good places listed so you have more choice.

            White Plains is developing a great Latin / South American dining scene. So I recommend that you try some of the ton of Latino places available like:

            The Latin American Cafe (Cuban) 134 East Post Rd.

            Veracrux (Mexican) 24 West Post Rd

            El Miski (Peruvian) at 16 West Post Rd (It's in a 1950's diner that's all chrome and red vinyl


            They aren't fancy, more diner like, but it's all about the authentic food.

            Of the three I would say go to El Miski. They have great ceviche and their bisteck with green spaghetti (Large, thin, pounded and grilled marinated beef steak served with spaghetti in a creamy pesto sauce) is great. Also the jalea (lightly battered fried fish, shrimp, crab, clams in the shell) is really good too. And all the soups are very nice. The aji verde (thick sauce of jalapeno, creamy cheese, mayo, and olive oil) served with bread and as a condiment is really tasty too. A low heat level with bright flavors.

            If you like Buffalo Wings then the Lazy Boy Saloon at 154 Mamaroneck Ave has the best in the county (Or at least they have won multiple awards saying so) and a really great beer selection. Dozens of micros on tap and hundreds of bottles make it one of the best beer bars in the county.

            1. There's a City Limits diner inside the Westchester Mall and we love Bao's Chinese restaurant on Hamilton avenue. Bao's has terrific food and will make you a martini for $6. Sam's on Gedney Way is a short cab ride away and has a cozy bar area. I would not send anyone to Legal Seafood. I think it is overpriced and have found the service to be rude. I'd sooner send you to Zanaro's where you could get a decent, if uninspired, meal. I would also second the suggestion of Porter House, a friendly Irish pub type place. if you don't want a beef burger try their Teriyaki turkey burger with grilled veg.

              1. You might want to try Blue. It's a little trendy, but the food is very good and there is a decent bar scene as well.

                I like dining in the bar area at Legal Seafood, and I haven't had the same experience as lucyis- I've found the servers there to be pleasant, if not always the most educated about the food.

                James Joyce, across from Porter House, has better food than Porter House and a more developed menu. I like the beer selection better at Porter House.

                Asian Temptation is hit or miss, I think the Dim Sum is much better than the entrees. This is the place for appetizers at the bar. A better bet is Aberdeen, but much less ambiance.

                Zanaros- ugh. Papa Razzi was much better chain Italian, but it just closed.

                1. I like Blue (trendy), Sunset Grille (fabulous mexican), Cheesecake Cafe (if you can get in without an hour wait), Brooklyn's Famous (good burgers), Aberdeen (great chinese), Tango Grille ( bit expensive but the food is great) and Legal Seafood (good but also a chain).

                  1. Blue is interesting and as everyone says, trendy. Nice wines by the glass, the food is hit or miss. Some of the dishes were well conceived and some weren't. The few times I was there on a weeknight (never been on a weekend) there were several large groups of women, no groups of men or any couples, and two small groups of men eating at the bar. Also each time there were couples meeting on blind dates at the bar.