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Feb 20, 2007 07:24 PM

Indian cuisine

Hi, to those of you ex-pats from the UK who yearn for a decent british chicken tikka masala or whatever and like me have found nothing to compare or even come close (sorry detroit your indian restaurants are way of the mark some downright rotten)I found these 2 sites by chance.I myself have tried for years to perfect british indian cuisine and always found it very hard to get right, but these websites give you all the info you need to know
through the various forums and I might add there appears to be a quite a few knowledgeable
people around,and to all you Americans who think your indian cuisine is first class here, I ask you to try out a few of the recipes and come back and tell me you were not highly impressed with your results.
Regards D/B

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  1. I guess it's all a matter of regional taste. Plus, being that Tikka Masala was invented to suit British people's tastes....actual Indian people probably think British Indian food is shit. Just saying.

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      Interesting first post. May I ask what you were actually searching for that brought you to this seven year old thread?

      I suspect you're right about Indian people thinking Indian food in the UK is shit. I blame the mainly Bangladeshi restaurateurs who own the vast majority of the restaurants and who serve up poor quality dishes. Whilst many restaurants may claim to be "Indian", few are. It'd be reasonable to say that, for many Indian immigrants,and their later generations, working in the hospitality industry has not been their choice of career. If you're interested in the quality of south asian food that can be found in the UK, you might be interested to search through the UK/Ireland board and contribute to threads there. One of these days, I'm going to order a chicken tikka masala and a murgh makhani and see if I can tell a difference.

      1. re: Harters

        Hi Harters,

        Sorry if my post sounded snotty. After 6+ hours of seeking out original Detroit recipes, I suppose I was going a bit overboard with hometown pride. Actually, I'm a Detroiter living in the UK so I understand the solid relationship with Indian food. I think you could say the UK is to Indian food, what Detroit is to Middle Eastern food. What little Indian I had in Detroit was before I knew anything about Indian you're probably's might be shit after all. Sorry for the 7 year late post. :D

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          I see, from your profile, you're in my general part of the world. Good south asian food (and decent enough Middle Eastern) is becoming much easier to find . If you wish, please post on the UK board asking for reccs in the north west and I'll be happy to chat.

          No worries about perceived "snotty". I didnt think it was - i really was just very curious.

          1. re: Harters

            Thanks Harters, Nice chatting with you. :D