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ISO canning jars near Woodside

I hit 7 stores tonight looking for canning jars (mason jars, etc.). Six didn't know what the hell I was talking about (!) and one said it was a seasonal item that they carry only in the summer/fall.

I'm looking for both 4 and 8 ounce sizes. Any ideas around Woodside, Jackson Heights, or Sunnyside?

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  1. There is a weird odds and ends closeouts store in Sunnyside on Queens Blvd. 'South Pole' - I've seen mason jars there a year ago (sold by dozen in boxes). Have you checked Michaels on Northern blvd. in Woodside?

    1. How about Bed, Bath and Beyond? They have one in East Elmhurst and it's a nice walk from Jackson Heights.

      1. Is Zahner's Restaurant Supply still around?

        1. Neither South Pole nor BBB had it. Who knew it was such a rarity in Queens?

          I managed to find a few at the "Priced Rite" store on Roosevelt Ave and 62nd St. Just called Michael's and they seem to have it also.

          Thanks for all the tips!

          1. Not your location, but I just recently saw canning jars at the Chinese supermarket across Main Street from J&L Foodcourt in Flushing.

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              Awesome. I need a few more cases. And I need t try some of the stalls at the Golden Shopping mall.

            2. I've always found that you can get almost everything at Raindew. There is one on Franny Lew in Auburndale - not sure if there are any others in Queens.

              1. Kind of random but I saw some today in a discount store on Broadway between 29 and 30 th sts in Astoria. They had two sizes. There is also a store called "bargain stop" on 30th Ave around 33rd St that has them off and on.

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                  Thanks for this tip! I picked up a few cases of the Ball wide mouth jars [Lanzee at 25-33 Broadway at 29th St 718.726.4933].

                2. On Northern Blvd & 64/65 St, there's a large store that sells discounted kitchenware. I was there yesterday and noticed the Jars. A dozen for $7.99.

                  1. I know this is out of your area and a year later, but I'd thought I'd share my research in case you got desperate or others near my neighborhood (Kew Garden Hills) want to find mason jars in Queens. Don't bother with big box stores--they never carry them--plus you should support your neighbors.

                    Here are three stores that definitely have mason jars:

                    Forest Hills Hardware & Houseware Gifts
                    64-40 108 St

                    Big Apple Hardware & Houseware
                    153-17 Union Turnpike

                    Household Would (not sure if that's supposed to be "Word" or "World")
                    98-96 Queens Blvd

                    You can call them to find out sizes and prices. They all seemed pretty friendly and as of today, they definitely have mason jars. I did a Google map search for "housewares, queens, ny"; these were the first three results I called and they all had 'em. There were lots more.

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                      I appreciate these tips for the future.

                      I must have amassed over 125 jars over the past year, most of them for spices. The wide mouth jars stack very well, so I find them to be ideal for storing almost anything. They create tons more room for storage in cabinets. They can also be vacuum sealed using a foodsaver attachment to keep things superfresh. Yes, my friends thought I was nuts, but they marveled at the efficiency.

                      I've usually been grabbing a few as I need them at the Priced Rite on Roosevelt near 64th, but they don't always have many in stock. Gracious Home in Manhattan usually has a decent supply, but they're a tad pricier and far.

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                        I do the same thing (except the vacuum seal trick). I must have moved about that many mason jars of herbs, powders, and spices cross country when I moved out West. Unfortunately, I had to leave them behind when I moved back (they're cheaper to buy than ship), so I'm rebuilding my supply. The wide-mouths do stack well. Lately, I've been making liqueurs and use mason jars for steeping fruits and herbs in alcohol. Good thing I don't can or pickle (much), or I'd have thousands of jars.

                        Until recently, the only place I knew that sold mason jars was Saifee Hardware on 1st Ave in the East Village.