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Has anyone visited the Potomac Grille in Rockville?

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I think I've read that this is a reincarnation for a restaurant of the same name formerly in Potomac, and it recently opened in the space on Rockville Pike that was formerly the Moonlight Gourmet, and before that for you old timers, the Rickshaw.

I received a coupon in one of those mailers and it is close to my house so I thought I would check it out. Their website has a menu with prices and I was taken aback a bit. I know the space, which is quite casual, so their prices surprised me. The few regular dinners included a steak and crabcake, which exceed $25. Spare ribs are $24. Strips of chicken on pasta with marsala -- $18. A meatless Caesar salad is $10. A burger - $10. A French Dip sandwich - $12.

You can probably see where I'm going -- out here in the burbs, in a very casual place with it's bar at the heart of things -- are these really the prices that we are paying now? Is the cooking here worth these prices? Anyone been yet?

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  1. I haven't been, but the rents in Rockville are not exactly cheap, and if the place is trying to be a classic Grille, a la the Capitol Grille, etc. then those prices are not out of line. The proof is in the pudding as they say however.

    1. My buddy ate there after it opened and he said it was absolutely horrible. I drive by there everyday and the space looks just as bad as it used to when it was the chinese place. For those prices, how could you stray from Houstons right down the street? You can't get much better service or food for the money than Houstons in Rockville. Just get there very early for a table or obviously be prepared to wait.

      1. The other problem is that that location is fightin' it out with Temari for yumminess factor (as well as A&J just slightly down the pike, etc., etc.). I know they're totally different restaurants, but at those prices for that food, you're not going to draw me in unless I know you're a winner.

        1. I've been going to the Potomac Grill for a year now, the food in this place is really good. Are the prices a little steep. Yeah I guess, but the portions aren't slight for what you pay and the quality is consistently good for me. They know how to cook a steak, they vegetables are always crisp and crunchy not overcooked, crab cakes are excellent. I honestly haven't been disappointed. The wait staff has always been friendly. I could pay for similar food for a little less, but I'd rather pay the extra and know I'm getting what I want the way I want it. Everyone I've recommended the place to, has loved it as well. Maybe they had a rocky start when these first comments were left, all I know is I love the place.

          The Potomac Grill
          1093 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

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            If there was an Olympic gold medal for complaining, my mother would win it hands down. It is a good thing that there are hundreds of restaurants around here, because it will take quite a while for her to determine that she doesn't like any of them. Like "it's noisy." Imagine that, at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night. But she refuses to eat earlier...

            So as a joke, my husband googled "restaurants my mother-in-law would like in Rockville." Up popped a place called Potomac Grill. Never heard of it. As many hundreds (thousands?) of times as I've been up and down Rockville Pike, I couldn't remember having seen it. But we found it on Google maps, called, and they said they could seat us at 6 (only a hour on!). We arrived to find a pleasant, cozy place. We were greeted warmly. The place was almost empty but filled up quickly. We were given menus promptly. The bread was very good and crusty - served warm with olive oil. We really enjoyed our meal - one 1.5 lb lobster, broiled; one superb Reuben served on marbled rye with house-made potato chips, slaw, pickle; one Caesar salad w/ salmon. They were very willing to make substitutions - my mother asked for the mashed potatoes in place of the brown rice/veggie side that usually comes with the lobster. We shared a piece of cheesecake that was just ok - pretty much all commercial cheesecakes tend to be gummy to some extent - though the flavor was good.

            Before tip, it was $60. Very good value.

            Service was terrific. Joey, the owner's son, waited on us and he was really a great guy. He and his family show real pride in providing value and an enjoyable experience.

            And my mother liked it, too. We will be back. Often.

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              I'd forgotten about this post - thanks for resurrecting, and with a place I can take my elderly aunt. Noise is also an issue for her. And prices have shot up everywhere, so it's good to know you at least get a good meal for the price. I'll have to suggest it to her for our next outing.

          2. I've been a couple of times, the second time just to make sure the first time was not a fluke. Won't be returning, there are to many good places to go to spend time there.

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              Yeah, I don't get the love for this place. Bar food right off the back of the Sysco truck.