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Feb 20, 2007 06:50 PM

TJ's Asian Bistro

I know this restaurant has had a little attention before, but I couldn't find a thread by itself, so here we go:

Tonight was the third time I've eaten at TJ's since they opened 6 weeks ago, and the first time I sat at the sushi bar. The place wasn't all that busy (9PM on a Tuesday) but one of the waiters had the night off, so it was kind of a good thing. The fish is DELICIOUS and the staff are very sweet. I think they're still having some trouble with making everything appear when it should, but they're trying so hard. And the fish is the best I've had in this neighborhood in two years at least.

I sat at the sushi bar for a long time and spoke with the chef. He doesn't know how to make the place more enticing or inviting and neither do I, but I'm doing my best to spread the word. I like them! You might like them too!

I ate a black pepper tuna roll and some tuna sushi and so much tea. It's more fun to go with people and eat a variety of things, but it was plenty enjoyable on my own as well.

They're still BYOB but working on a liquor license. Go, and go now!

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  1. I have eaten at TJ's three times, all for lunch, and I have to say that the fish and rolls really are delicious. Very fresh. And the staff is really, really nice. But (and you knew there was a "but" coming, right?) all the other food we've had has been mediocre to downright bad. Yesterday was chilly outside and nabeyaki udon sounded perfect...but what I got was vegetables and disgusting chicken floating around in a broth of vaguely-chicken-flavored dishwater. It was, in short, inedible, not to mention that it wasn't true to description - no shrimp tempura and no egg. I think TJ's is definitely worth supporting, but stick to the sushi!

    1. I went there tonight and I loved it, I had the Beautiful Alaska Roll and the kimono Roll, it was awesome, will definitely go back!