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Feb 20, 2007 06:02 PM


Hello. Has anyone been to Brownstone on Dartmouth? I was thinking about going for drinks and apps. It looked like a neat new place to try for after work.

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  1. I've been there. We went thinking we would eat dinner there, but were unimpressed with the menu and the service was extremely slow and the waitress charged us for a few extra drinks that we didn't have. That being said they had just recently opened and seemed to be trying to work out the kinks. We did order two appetizers that were pretty good and the crowd was a little bit more mature than the Clerys crowd next door. I did like the bar for drinks, it has a cozy feel.

    1. Eh, just so-so. Unremarkable food and wine when compared to the wealth of outstanding choices looming only a block or so away. It could be that it's just one of those location cursed with perpetual mediocrity, such as the spot on St. Botolph formerly known as a million different versions of St- Botolph's something or other.
      Skip ahead to the Delux, the Franklin, or the Butcher Shop.

      1. Food was just okay, nothing great but the service was so bad that I doubt I'd go back (and I'm pretty forgiving having worked in restaurants for years). We were sat and after 10 minutes had to ask the hostess if our server was aware that we had been seated. The restaurant was not busy (maybe 6 other tables and the wait staff was standing around the bar talking to each other). Our server came over to our table and JUST STOOD THERE looking at us. No "Sorry for the wait", "Good evening", or "Can I get you a drink?" My partner wanted to get up and leave right then but we stayed. I'm sorry I can't remember what we ordered but I recall that we really enjoyed our appetisers but were less impressed with our entres.

        1. Food was mediocre. Service was pretty poor. Our waitress, who was training another waitress, mispronounced the appetizer special duck confit (said "fit" instead of "feet"). I didn't find this offensive, but thought it was pretty funny. It turned out, the confit was the highlight. Bread probably would have been good three days ago. At a price point about $5 lower, it wouldn't be bad. This place will survive merely on overflow from neighboring Clery's (same ownership).

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            You're not supposed to pronounce the T at all in confit.

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              Not trying to be snooty here, just to set the record straight. It's pronounced con-fee not con-feet. The "t" is silent. The "n" is barely pronounced as well. Maybe that's what you meant, but thought I'd chime in, if not.

            2. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I actually went there totally unexpectedly w/ a friend for an after work drink (her suggestion not mine). I whole heartedly agree w/ you all. Thanks for not steering me wrong. When I go out after work on Monday, I'm NOT going there!!!