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Feb 20, 2007 05:51 PM

Gordon Ramsay at the London

Anyone been yet? How is it?

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  1. Yes and I was not impressed. We dined in the Dining Room. Forget about the interior, let's talk about the food. We have only been there once, so maybe it was an "off" day, but we do not feel like going back. There were 4 of us and 2 opted for the vegetarian tasting menu (but with fish) and the other 2, the regular tasting menu named "Prestige". The fish and lobster ravioli were too fishy, emitting a flavor that could be well hidden with a little more effort. Overall the dishes were too salty; you taste the salt first in every bite. However, the venison was cooked perfectly, and probably the only dish that was spared from the salt attack. The service was very smooth, almost perfect until we had to wait for ages for our coffee. We were perplexed by the fact that coffee and bonbon trolley were an extra $8. Why separate those from the tasting menu? The tasting menu is $110. For people willing to shell out that much for a meal, I would think they would expect coffee and bonbons to be included. They might as well have priced it at $120 with everything included. That extra $8 on the menu just seemed so out of place and gave me the impression that they were trying to nickel and dime you.

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      i'm just curious-what did the 'bonbons' consist of? i think it's common to charge extra for coffee, but usually little chocolates and petit fours come standard after the meal. even with the $28 lunch at JG you get their homemade marshmallows and chocolates after the meal. but perhaps this was something more substantial?

    2. Nothing substantial. The petits fours and or chocolate you get at most decent restaurants, you have to pay for here. The trolley was the one like at Alain Ducasse. But on a smaller scale. At AD, if my memory serves me right, I think there were something like 3 trolleys, one for petits fours, one for chocolate, one for marshmallows. At GR, they were all heaped into one trolley. What irked us most was that there were 4 of us, all ordering this trolley thing, and we were given 2 tiny chocolates, 1 small marshmallow and one small pistachio brittle or something on a small tray. When we were trying to get at least 2 more chocolates, the waiter said "marshmallow or chocolate?" as if to say we could only have 1 tiny piece per person. That was it for 4 people, hence the feeling of nickel and diming. We were not being greedy or anything, we just assumed that we could get 2 different things per person. We were on company account so money itself didn't matter that much, it's just the impression of being cheap that really got me.

      1. Was there a few saturday nights ago. The room is weird kind of cruise ship like. Service impeccable sommelier stellar, he brought unopened bottles of the wine we chose along with the decanted wine we purchased and left the unopen bottles on the table so we could peruse at our leisure, a nice touch. The food was better than good but not 4 star or is it 3 michelin? I'd say NYT 2 star no more. But the apricot souffle is a must, the candied almonds make it something unique and not to be missed.

        I don't think $8.00 for coffee (double espresso in my case), standard in any other restaurant, was too much and we had as many bon bons as we wanted and really had more than we needed.

        The only glitch was the champagne cart never arrived when we were seated. A few minutes into the evening I felt like a glass. The cart was brought over and we ordered. The bill came and each glass was $47.00. I spoke to the maitre'd and complained that if I knew it was that much I would have not ordered it. He then corrected the bill to charge for a glass of house champagne. I thought that was fair.

        1. I had a very good experience but i agree that they seem cheap with the trolley.

          I think the room is beautiful and the service is amazine.

          The chicken wings was wrong with the Langoustines in that appetizer but the john dory was incredible.